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Home Science Experiment – Blue Dye and Daffodils

This was an experiment I had a go at back at home in April this year. I was having a look though the content on my old blog and re-found this one 🙂 Would love to try this again with more colours and with white flowers 🙂 

I almost never have fresh flowers at home (this is the first time I’ve used this vase). So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to give this idea a go. I remember from my school days doing this with celery.

In terms of the final colour outcome, it depends on the colour of the flowers. So for a true final colour you might want to find some white flowers. However, Daffodils are a really cheap idea for Spring.

The flowers absorb water through capillary action up tiny little ‘pipes’ within the structure. To add the additional colour all you need to do is add about 20ml of food colouring. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just find a cheap one on the shelf at a local hobby store or supermarket.


The daffodils came from Tesco’s (2 x £1).

Make sure you buy ones that are unopened otherwise it won’t work as well.

I had the food colouring in my kitchen drawer.

Day 2

Came downstairs to find the daffodils had opened up over night. Some of the daffodils have started to absorb the dye.

Day 3

Some more of the daffodils have started to open. Creating a really funky colour mixture.

My kitchen is looking more and more like spring.

If you are also looking for an Easter experiment this is super easy.

Please ping me an message if you have a go at this 🙂 I would love to see the results!

3 thoughts on “Home Science Experiment – Blue Dye and Daffodils

  1. Fun! I’ve also seen people split the stems of their flowers, put the parts in two different vases with colored water to get multi-colored single flowers. 🙂

  2. Awesome. Brought back fun memories of school days and science projects. We did the split the stem tests as well. Was really loads of fun to do and watch the flowers change.

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