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Home decor update

Slightly shockingly (we’ve only been here 2 1/2 months) we’re almost done with the decorating. We’re at the point of finishing touches (a job I can actually do!).

Sorting out/getting rid of the last of our stuff is the next big job. It’s a bit of a long slog trying to get through it all. But it will be worth it as the new house will be a nicer place to be as it won’t be full of stuff.

The lounge

Since the last update, we’ve rearranged the furniture and hung up the hero pictures. Most of the stuff that will be in here has also been emptied out.



I’ve also started becoming a bit obsessed with fresh flowers. Which as starting to look very pretty now they’ve started opening.


All that needs doing now is painting the floating shelves to go over the desk. I’ll be painting them the same colour as the wall. Trying to go minimal.


The Kitchen

Not a lot has happened in here. But my father in law has kindly added in some mug hooks below the units. Makes more sense than 4 mug trees (we have lots of mugs!!).


I’ve also spent some time this week repainting the bannister.

This is a before shot:


Now it looks more like this:


It needs another coat of gloss. But then it’s all done 🙂

We’ve found some wood effect floor tiles off EBAY. So they’ll be going down in the next couple of weeks.


This area has been gifted with another coat of magnolia and the upstairs bannister has also been repainted.

Looks so much nicer up there now.


The plan is to get a load of pictures on canvas done from our photo collection. Would be a nice way to display them.

Craft room

Is a complete mess. Filled with craft stuff, this room now needs sorting through and organising.

The day bed was built by my father-in-law. We still need to pick up the mattress from my parent’s, but it’s currently working as an excellent craft table.





This whole room needs painting in a light green. I also need to sort out the net curtains, blind and a curtain to cover the airing cupboard. So crafting jobs being generated by the craft room….

Anyway, I need to get on with another coat of paint on the floating shelves. Hopefully, I can get the lounge ones back up today. The 2 for the craft rooms can go back up once the relevant wall has been painted.

Happy knitting



4 thoughts on “Home decor update

      1. Yes. My folks will be here in three hours and change. I am putting away, tucking away, and tossing away with some success. The children, however, well, I thought they were both downstairs but one has just passed me on the main level as if she had just come downstairs. I think this has been a successful trial run of letting the kids be this morning and bodes well for future cleaning adventures.

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