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The front garden – phase 1

So I’m starting a really exciting new job in a few weeks and have ended up with some time off between jobs. Making the most of it to get the house finished before the new job starts (as I wont be able to take any time off for a while).

Luckily, it managed to time with my mother in law having some time off as well. So we cracked on with that for a day yesterday while there was a break in the weather.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a before picture taken. But suffice it to say that it was horribly overgrown and the gravel garden looked more like an over grown lawn….

It needed ripping up and starting again.


We ripped up the sheeting under the gravel, put in separators to make a path and  laid some anti-weed sheeting down. This was then followed by us moving some seriously heavy bags of gravel from the van to the the path and pouring them in.

To save money we grabbed a load of part bags. They were almost full but about a Β£1 cheaper than the full ones.

What we didn’t realise until we started pouring was that they were mixed colours. But it does look rather cool.


I love the purple slate at the bottom. Adds some colour to the garden. It surrounds the purple concrete feet that were already there. The non-path gravel is the gravel that was in the garden before and spare bag from the garage. We sieved out all the stuff that had been in the garden as it was full of leaves and greenery.

The slabs came from the back garden. We’ll be putting a bench there as it’s a sun trap in the morning. It’s a col-de-sac road so it’s so quiet down there during the day.

Next we’ll be adding a fence around it and adding soft greenery. But you’ll have to wait until I’ve made my mind up.


My legs and back really ache now 😦 so I’m going to use the excuse to get on with my knitting. It’s a Christmas knit. So you’ll have to wait a few months to see that final (hopefully finished) piece (my husband reads my blog!).

Wish me luck!

Happy knitting



One thought on “The front garden – phase 1

  1. Awesome, well done. I agree, the colours are pretty. I also like the purple. πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to your future developments, as the back garden sounds just as interesting, with you having more great plans.
    Enjoy the new job, and happy knitting when you are not gardening. πŸ™‚

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