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Home Science Experiment – Blue Dye and Daffodils

This was an experiment I had a go at back at home in April this year. I was having a look though the content on my old blog and re-found this one 🙂 Would love to try this again with more colours and with white flowers 🙂 

I almost never have fresh flowers at home (this is the first time I’ve used this vase). So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to give this idea a go. I remember from my school days doing this with celery.

In terms of the final colour outcome, it depends on the colour of the flowers. So for a true final colour you might want to find some white flowers. However, Daffodils are a really cheap idea for Spring.

The flowers absorb water through capillary action up tiny little ‘pipes’ within the structure. To add the additional colour all you need to do is add about 20ml of food colouring. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just find a cheap one on the shelf at a local hobby store or supermarket.


The daffodils came from Tesco’s (2 x £1).

Make sure you buy ones that are unopened otherwise it won’t work as well.

I had the food colouring in my kitchen drawer.

Day 2

Came downstairs to find the daffodils had opened up over night. Some of the daffodils have started to absorb the dye.

Day 3

Some more of the daffodils have started to open. Creating a really funky colour mixture.

My kitchen is looking more and more like spring.

If you are also looking for an Easter experiment this is super easy.

Please ping me an message if you have a go at this 🙂 I would love to see the results!

Book Review

Book Review: Twisted Wing by Ruth Newman

This review was originally posted in April 2014

Twisted Wing was one of my many charity shop buy bargains. It’s a murder mystery story set at Cambridge University. However, the twist at the end makes it a little different to the norm.

Ruth Newman is a psychologist and uses this to great effect as a plot tool. I think I can safely say she uses her knowledge of multiple personality disorder to create a very twisted love story. The main character, Olivia, is as scared and frighted as the rest of the students. However, she has no idea about her significance to the plot. Her boyfriend gets arrested after graduation and she’s shocked and horrified.

This is a fantastic murder mystery novel which uses novel plot concepts and has some great characters. Well worth a read.

Book Review

Book Review: Dara O’Briain – Tickling the English

This review was originally written/recorded in March 2014

When I first told my friends I was reading a book written by a comedian I was promptly informed that comedians can’t write. I have not read any other books written by comedians, but if this is the case this man is an exception to the rule.

Dara has a really easy and engaging writing style. I found this a great book to read just before going to bed. This is when I usually tend the find the time for most of my reading. He has divided his book by his tour locations and bite size chunks.

He writes the book from the point of view as an Irish immigrant and includes many examples of comedic remarks about English behaviour. Dara has also included my funny anecdotes of audience members from his tour. It’s worth reading just for these if I am completely honest. The Bournemouth anecdote did not do us justice.

I have to point out that the tour travel travel plan was completely illogical. However, this was my first autobiography. It has definitely given me the confidence to pick up another. Highly recommended.

Book Review

Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith AKA J.K Rowling

I wrote and recorded this review in March 2014

The shadowy figure on the front cover should have always been a hint that Robert Galbraith was actually a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling. This was all found out by studying the linguistics of the book in comparison to her previous work. Respect to whoever did the detective work, although someone did also manage to spill the beans as well. 

I found this book a little bit slow at the beginning. However, it was really worth sticking with this book through until the end. J.K Rowling is particularly good at tieing all the strings together at the end. This book is no exception. The ending completely took me by surprise. 

The main character is a war veteran turned private detective – Mr Cameron Strike. The shadowy figure represents him really well. Thankfully this book is going to become a series as you do not fully understand him by the end of the book. When you first meet him, he has just out of a volcanic relationship. He is completely bankrupt as he has been fully dependant on his wife. 

Robin is the lady that joins his office as a temp. She is newly engaged and really excited. However, she suddenly finds that her new boss is not in the best of moods to share her happy news. Having had to follow her partner to London, she’s been forced to look for temp work while looking for a “proper job”. 

This is another mysterious death plot line. The dead woman was a glamorous supermodel who plunged to her death from a balcony. However, her adoptive brother does not believe it and comes to Strike looking for answers. 

The ending of this book takes you completely by surprise. Highly recommend this book. It is worth pursuing this through to the end. 

Home Decor · Updates

Home decor update

Slightly shockingly (we’ve only been here 2 1/2 months) we’re almost done with the decorating. We’re at the point of finishing touches (a job I can actually do!).

Sorting out/getting rid of the last of our stuff is the next big job. It’s a bit of a long slog trying to get through it all. But it will be worth it as the new house will be a nicer place to be as it won’t be full of stuff.

The lounge

Since the last update, we’ve rearranged the furniture and hung up the hero pictures. Most of the stuff that will be in here has also been emptied out.



I’ve also started becoming a bit obsessed with fresh flowers. Which as starting to look very pretty now they’ve started opening.


All that needs doing now is painting the floating shelves to go over the desk. I’ll be painting them the same colour as the wall. Trying to go minimal.


The Kitchen

Not a lot has happened in here. But my father in law has kindly added in some mug hooks below the units. Makes more sense than 4 mug trees (we have lots of mugs!!).


I’ve also spent some time this week repainting the bannister.

This is a before shot:


Now it looks more like this:


It needs another coat of gloss. But then it’s all done 🙂

We’ve found some wood effect floor tiles off EBAY. So they’ll be going down in the next couple of weeks.


This area has been gifted with another coat of magnolia and the upstairs bannister has also been repainted.

Looks so much nicer up there now.


The plan is to get a load of pictures on canvas done from our photo collection. Would be a nice way to display them.

Craft room

Is a complete mess. Filled with craft stuff, this room now needs sorting through and organising.

The day bed was built by my father-in-law. We still need to pick up the mattress from my parent’s, but it’s currently working as an excellent craft table.





This whole room needs painting in a light green. I also need to sort out the net curtains, blind and a curtain to cover the airing cupboard. So crafting jobs being generated by the craft room….

Anyway, I need to get on with another coat of paint on the floating shelves. Hopefully, I can get the lounge ones back up today. The 2 for the craft rooms can go back up once the relevant wall has been painted.

Happy knitting


Home Decor · Spring Cleaning · Updates

Season change = clothing sort out

So, once again, I’m at a point where my clothes need yet another sort through. I’ve been reading a few posts from The minimalists about some people that only own between 35- 50 items of clothing (including underwear).

This makes me think that (even after the sort through in May) that I still have too many clothes.

I’ve already sorted through my coats this morning. I managed to get it down from 10 to about 6 that I wore regularly over the summer and last winter. So I will add that to the stash of clothes I will try to sell at the fabric place and hopefully get enough to treat myself to lunch 🙂

Although the denim won’t be leaving the house… I have a craft project in mind for that…..

Stage one: jeans and trousers for home

The trouble I have with trousers I currently own is that I don’t fit most of them. Having lost some weight with the running I have dropped a couple of jean sizes and most now can’t be worn without a belt.

I think that’s a sign that most need to go and I need to go and treat myself to a few nice pairs 🙂 Who needs more than 2- 3 pairs of jeans??

12 pairs went to 5 denim and 1 linen 🙂 (not quite 3… but they’ll do until I’ve saved up some cash to go clothes shopping!).


Stage 2: T-shirts for home

Honestly I had no idea how many T-shirts I had until I dug all of them out of the cupboard and put them on the bed.

There are 25. That doesn’t include any that might currently be in the wash or the one I’m wearing…. youch….

This is a before shot.


This exercise wasn’t as hard as I though it might be.

And then there were 14.


That looks a lot more manageable and vastly more practical!

Stage 3: Closest dump

Let me introduce you to the contents on my side of the wardrobe…


This doesn’t include my clothing for work. I’m starting a new job next week where I will be wearing office wear. So my amount of office wear is fairly minimal. Will expand that as and when I feel the need.

Jackets = 1 denim and 1 light weight jumper. Can’t remember the last time I wore those. So both in the tub.

Skirts = 6. Some fairly recent additions given to me by a family member who was having a sort through. But I don’t really need that many do I?

Down to 3.

Dresses = 2 maxi. Both very similar so 1 has to go. 2 casual. If I want a casual one I tend to wear the maxi and I’ve had those 2 for ages. So they can go. 2 nice ones. Will keep both of them as I don’t have much clothing that suites parties or nice restaurants and they would be expensive to replace. 1 clubbing appropriate. Who am I kidding? I haven’t been clubbing since March and I don’t think I will be going again any time soon.

3 pairs of shoes also disappeared to the bin pile as they are either super uncomfortable or just look really tired. So I will need to go shopping for a nice pair of ‘going out shoes’. This sounds fun!

Stage 4: Jumper shelf

All my heavy jumpers/knitted items are kept on a separate shelf as it makes them easier to store!

Does it sound really bad when I say that I did not realise that there were 10 items of clothing in this shelf. I would have bet there was less that this….


Made it to 6… But got rid of a couple that just didn’t fit very well at all.

Total clothes so far = 48. So made it into the 50 region if we don’t include my running clothes, P.J’s or underwear… That counts right?

Stage 5 = underwear drawer. (Shockingly I have decided not to photograph this section!!)

Although I obviously can’t bring myself to below the 50 with my underwear. But it does need a sort through as the drawer is starting to over flow!

Started with 68 items in the said drawer (hence the over-flowing)!!!

Now down to 32 items for the minutes. You can actually find things in the drawer now!

Total clothing items (not including running wear, work clothes or P.J’s) = 80 items. Will need to do another sort through to reduce again.

Still some way to go I think. But I do have 2 blue Ikea bags full of clothes to sell to clothing recyclers (*£4.80 for me! Not much, but super easy to do and will help fund my NanoWrimo liquid inspiration next week*). So that is pretty cool 🙂 Hopefully the washing will also now be easier. But I will have another sort through in about another month and see what I actually wear once I get into the work/home routine again.

Have you guys had a sort through recently? Do you feel like you need to? It’s really easy and took me about an hour. But well worth it as it means I can now find the clothes I actually like a lot easier!

Happy knitting


Christmas · Crochet · Gift Ideas · Knitting

Small Yarn Inspired Xmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas so close (only 2 months to go!) there isn’t always time to make huge elaborately knitted/crochet gifts for all of your friends and family. So I thought I would go hunting for some smaller (less time expensive) ideas.

It was also a lot of fun hunting through Pinterest and Ravelry for the patterns…. 🙂

  • Knitted Owl Keyring – Seriously Adorable. You can find the pattern here.
Knit Quit:
Knit Quit:
  • Knitted Carrot Keyring – Perfect for the gardener in your life. Find the pattern here.
Kaytie Hensley.
Kaytie Hensley.
  • Knitted Wash cloths – Ideal for combining with some (potentially homemade) bath bombs! Find the Pattern Here.
Pampering Cloths by Kathy Sasser.
Pampering Cloths
by Kathy Sasser.
  • .Knitted Paper Chains – Another great project if you have ones of balls of yarn – Knit some some short versions for scarves and some longer ones if you want some for your home. Find the pattern here.
Knitted Paper Chains by Kelly Kingston.
Knitted Paper Chains
by Kelly Kingston.

I will probably keep looking (it’s way too much fun) and I will share anything else that I can find.

Hope you all have a lovely time preparing for Xmas. We’re looking forward to our first Christmas in our new home.

Happy Knitting!