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W.I.P. – Knitted patchwork. Square 26

Spent the afternoon knitting and catching up on programs I’ve managed to miss – loved the first episode of Downton Abbey!


Along managed to finished this really pretty periwinkle ribbed square. I love the really simple effect of the ribs 🙂


The next pattern is a little step up in terms of difficulty. So will need to find a space of time that will allow me to focus.


This one is going to be in this pretty grey colour. Looking forward to the challenge 🙂


Need to take a pause of the square though and get a pair of wristwarmers knitted that I promised my grandad 🙂 Thinking I might use the thinner ribbing pattern….

Knitting decisions are always fun!!


7 thoughts on “W.I.P. – Knitted patchwork. Square 26

  1. Love the combination! Yarn, knitting and Downton Abbey!! I am gonna start from Season 1! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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