What we’ve been up to this week – Another Update

So once again, my lack of knitting is primarily down to decorating (and really painful toothache now under control by co-codamol and antibiotics). But we’re edging ever closer to being able to invite guests over without them having to effectively sit in our bedroom (which is currently the lounge). Yay!

The Master Bedroom

My very lovely father in law has managed to put up the wallpaper up on feature wall. I loved it on the roll – but it looks even better on the wall! What do you think? I’ve kept the scraps for some other ideas later πŸ™‚



The pealing laminate flooring is now up and ready for the fluffy carpet my husband and I brought on Monday!


The painting is also all done (same colours as you saw before but less patchy πŸ™‚ ) and the radiator is back on the wall.

I’ve also had a dimmer switch installed to replace the flick switch (which was covered in paint) because it will just give us so much more flexibility with light levels.


Furniture for our bedroom has now sneaked its way into the spare bedroom… Which is looking rather small again.




The carpet should be down in the bedroom the first weekend in September – so not much longer to wait!

The Bathroom



The second coat of wall and ceiling paint is on. So the full contrast of the colours is now evident. It just looks so much more uplifting in the room. We’ve selected a bathroom cabinet from Ikea and I’ve selected a bathroom light from one of the ranges we sell at work. So I’ll ping you a picture of that later.

The Kitchen

Now equipped with a fridge/freezer and a washing machine along with the oven – we’re pretty much all set. Now that I am able to cook properly we’re both going to start feeling a little more at home. It’s so much easier once you can cook proper food.



And my spice collection has now also made it over – so things just got serious.


Although because I prefer to keep all my spices on the side (otherwise they don’t get used) – the spice rack in the cupboard is being largely underutilised… So I need to work on what else will fit in here….


We’ve got a rather busy weekend planned, so not sure how much progress I will have to report in the next couple of days. But I do have Tuesday and Wednesday off work – so I might use that opportunity to start hunting for decorative stuff for the bedroom. I also need to pop back to my grandparents and start packing the bedroom stuff properly now that I will have somewhere to put it!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Kirsty Holl



4 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to this week – Another Update

      1. My youngest daughter is getting married at the end of September here in Byron Bay. I hosted a traditional Kitchen High Tea for her recently. This was a very traditional ‘country’ thing to do but Melissa and I both like Traditional. It was a lovely day. The Hens is in a couple of weeks. So exciting.

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