Stuff I got free with my house

As most of you may know by know, my husband and I have just moved into our first house. Which is really exciting.

What’s even more exciting is all the freebies we’ve been left. The tenants who were residing in the house (the landlord wanted to sell up) left pretty much everything when they moved. Which is odd. Most stuff obviously got chucked. However, we did manage to snag ourselves a couple of gems.

– A computer desk. We spotted this on the last viewing and asked for it to be left. Saves us having to buy one. So a total win.
– A cooker. This was owned by the landlord and they didn’t need it. So they kindly left it in the house for us. Which is great as we are first time buyers and have nothing.
– A washing line
– A ladder
– A glass chopping board. I really like this one. So a definite win.


– A random selection of beautiful wine and sherry glasses. My husband and I love decorative glasses. So this was a really exciting find. A few need throwing as they have chips in the lip. But the rest are very welcome additions to our glassware collection.






What do you think? Do you have any interesting glasses? Most of the decorative ones we currently have are from charity shops. Such an amazing place to get glassware from. We managed to get ourselves a set of 6 of these mini Irish coffee glasses for Β£3 in our new local one.


Looking forward to trying those out…..

Anyway I’m off to attempt to get some more sleep (its just gone 3am here).

Morning all!




7 thoughts on “Stuff I got free with my house

  1. I found some wonderful glass platters at Vinnies for only a dollar each. They were great for the High Tea I held recently. You never know what treasures are out there.

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