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What’s on my needles – multi coloured cowl

So not a particularly complicated knit this morning. But it was exactly what I needed when I woke up with tooth ache and was waiting for a call back for an emergency appointment.

Turns out I’ve got an infection and have been prescribed antibiotics. But it still smarts even with the painkillers 😦

So in a bid to distract myself this morning I cast this cowl in the new wool I brought yesterday.


  I’m using my 7mm 80cm circular needles and knitting in the round. It’s really chunky wool so it’s going to be really warm and funky.

Spent the day off work (had a day booked) decorating with my mum. I also now have a washing machine – yay!! 🙂

Off to carry on with some knitting!

See you all soon




13 thoughts on “What’s on my needles – multi coloured cowl

  1. Toothaches are the worst! I hope you feel better soon 🙂 I love the bright colors of that yarn! It’s definitely something that will cheer you up during the dark, dreary days of winter 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about the tooth. Hope it’s better soon. Apparently knitting helps reduce pain, because your brain gets so enthralled with moving your hands and thinking at the same time, it registers the pain less. So knitting is definitely the answer while you have toothache. Mind, it’s almost always the answer if you ask me 😉

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