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A Sunday Spent Decorating and Adding to the Knitting Stash

Some exciting news – I now have internet and a breakfast bar dining table  blogging desk. Which makes blogging a lot easier as it’s hard to blog sat in bed – as I struggle not to have a nap!

We picked this up for £50 from The Range today. It comes with 2 seats. We'll eventually move it into the kitchen. But it's super useful as a temp solution now.
We picked this up for £50 from The Range today. It comes with 2 seats. We’ll eventually move it into the kitchen. But it’s super useful as a temp solution now.

So Sunday has been hugely progressive on the decorating front.

We’ve been busy in our future bedroom (we are currently sleeping in the lounge), landing and bathroom. All the plastering from Friday had dried on time ( yay!) So we were all painting by 9:30 Sunday morning (I would have loved to have a lie-in but o well).

Master bedroom


So this was at the point the wall and ceiling bad been plastered.

The Window Wall
The feature wall. There was a slight crack in this wall. Part of the reason it was selected as a feature wall. The plasterer has covered it over and the plaster is being covered by lining paper.
The ceiling. This got plastered as it was originally artexed in dimple peaks. Very old fashioned.
The Door Wall. This got plastered because husband was a little too enthusiastic removing wallpaper…
The other wall

In here, my Father in law wallpapered the wall by the window.

Progress being made in the bedroom. Lining paper on the feature wall.
Progress being made in the bedroom. Lining paper on the feature wall.

This is a sample of the paper that’s going up there (below). We found this in our local B&Q. It’s called Fresco – Batch 002 (approx £11 per roll). Wanting something a little bit more feminine, it took a while to find something both my husband and I agreed about. We both loved the frames in this design – as it gave the pattern some definition.

We found this in our local B&Q. It's called Fresco - Batch 002.
We found this in our local B&Q. It’s called Fresco – Batch 002.
We found this in our local B&Q. It’s called Fresco – Batch 002.

The walls are being painted with a paint labelled “magnolia”. It went on more of a mushroom creamy grey but seems to have dried magnolia ish. But it’s going to really complement the paper. The ceiling is being painted in white.


This is what the room looks like now. We’ve managed a couple of coats on Sunday. The laminate flooring was left by the previous owner. As it’s already pealing, we have decided to replace it. It’s saving a lot of faf with dust sheets.

My lovely F.I.L is coming back one evening this week to paper this wall. Can’t wait to see it up!
Apart from needing a little touching up around the ceiling, this wall is pretty much finished!
This is the wall we plastered and that seems to be having so affect on the drying. I think this will need another coat.
This wall is done 🙂

The ceiling also looks so much better now that it’s painted. It’s making the space really light and airy. I still need to really think how we’re going to dress the room now. I’m thinking decorative candle holder and lanterns – basically anything pretty. So I need to start looking, but I will wait to buy anything until after we get the furniture in.

Any suggestions very much welcome!



We’ve found some beautiful fluffy carpet from Carpet Right today (heads to anyone in the UK – they are currently having a sale!). So we paid for a carpet in budget but worth double the price – which was a total win! I will grab a picture for you when we finally get it laid. If you aren’t in a rush, have a look through samples and order it in. So much easier as there is so much more choice.



I wasn’t entirely sure about our bathroom.

The size didn’t bother me, I love the cosy arrangement and the lack of a window means a candle-lit bathtub is always a sensible option. Who am I to complain when that also involves a glass of wine?

I wasn’t sure about the fish tiles originally but they are starting to grow on me.

So this is what the bathroom looked like before I planned and started executing the redecoration.

Our Bathroom - The before shot
Our Bathroom – The before shot


Like the bedroom, the ceiling in the bathroom also needed modernising. It looks a lot better post plastering.

I choose to go Lime Green with this room. With no natural light, I wanted something that would give the room a real ‘Pop’ when you walk in. No-one else understood my vision until it went on the wall.

Bright Green Bathroom :)
Bright Green Bathroom 🙂
Bright Green Bathroom 🙂
Bright Green Bathroom 🙂

It just makes me grin whenever I walk in. The first coat of the white ceiling paint make it look even better. This room was a team effort between my M.I.L, me (wall) and my dad (ceiling).

It needs another coat and cutting in properly around the ceiling. Upon suggestion from my Dad, I’ve brought some kids paintbrushes to do this as neatly as possible. He actually suggested artist paintbrushes but that wasn’t the cheapest option! Especially with such contrasting colours, having a clean edge is going to be really important.



What do you guys think of the colour? I’ve got some more plans for the other elements of decoration to this room… but I’ll leave that for a surprise later.

We’re currently on the hunt for a bathroom cabinet and an undersink cabinet. So any pointers welcome!



In an ideal world, I would have loved a larger kitchen. But I really like that it’s so bright and airy. I also love the red brick wall – it gives the room a real character spark.




Ok, so there wasn’t much done in the kitchen. But we had to make space for the fridge/freezer which arrives on Wednesday (yay!!!). I did not realise how much I appreciated my fridge and freezer. My diet isn’t particularly varied without it and we’re spending a lot of money eating out.

The floor units have moved under the stairs – which is a much better use of the under stair space. Above is the perfect space for my microwave and to the side is some more great storage space.

The units have moved!
The units have moved!

For those the are wondering – yes the lino is being replaced. It’s seen better days. But we’ll do that after the painting is done.

So, we’ve made some serious progress in our first week in the house. We’re still effectively squatting in our own house. However, we are starting to really get all the homely stuff into the house and it’s starting to feel a little more real.

I’m also pre-emptively stocking up on knitting supplies in anticipation of the craft room… my husband actually seems to be encouraging me… That’s a silly idea of him, but at least he won’t have to see it now we’ll have a door to shut it behind. I really should get on with some knitting!

What do you think of this chunky wool I found in a Sue Rider Charity shop today? They apparently regularly have wool in stock and are 15  minutes walking distance from me. Yes… this is dangerous and very exciting… 🙂 You are all a terrible influence 😛

I also got some short circular needles from a wool shop in Poole, Dorset, so that I could have a go at starting some socks – (Maggienessium this is your fault!). I’ll pick out some wool and hopefully get started ASAP.


So that’s all from me for now!

What do you think? Please comment below!




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