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WIP – DIY – The Spare Bedroom – Update 1

So I’ve not got much knitting done this week 😦

I’ve spent all my free time at home painting – actually more fun than the usually “watching paint dry”.

For those that don’t know, my husband and I brought our first house last week. Which was super exciting. So we’ve been busy making some serious progress on the spare bedroom/my new craft room *dances excitedly around the room*.

Seeing as my husband is getting the garage… it’s only fair I can have the spare bedroom as my craft lair… hehe

This is what the spare bedroom looked like 7 days ago.
This is what the spare bedroom looked like 7 days ago.

20150727_173906 20150727_173912

We’ve spent the week pulling down cupboards and repainting this week. So there is now some updated pictures for you 🙂

This was the progress made by my parents-in-law and husband over the weekend.

The room looks about 4 times bigger with the removal of the cupboard. We’re going to build a bed across the slanted stair cover. It’ll be a large single bed and we’ll build shelves above and around the bed. It has the perk of being a spare guest bed in addition to being my day bed.

The perfect place to hide when my husband has his friends over for role-play.

That huge cupboard has gone!
That huge cupboard has gone!

My husband then got started on painting white gloss around the skirting board. I’m going for white as the window is very small and this is the best way of getting the light to bounce around the room. It will make the space feel so much bigger!

White Glossed Skirting board.
White Glossed Skirting board.

So rather than knitting this week, I’ve been busy covering the pink wall (not as bad as the pictures as MIL had put a couple of layers of paint on over the weekend). Initially, I used the roller. But they were really cheap – a bid to save budget that didn’t save my sanity as it kept coming off – and after that one night I swapped to paintbrushes.

We’re not bothering with dust sheets, the floor is coming up as the laminate is already peeling. It’s not worth keeping. We won’t replace it as laminate, but I will swap it for tight knit carpet – easier to find dropped needles!!


As the white goes on, the room is starting to feel so much bigger. My plan is to create the room as a blank canvas. Then I can style it with colourful soft fabrics and colourful pictures for the walls.




These are the remaining pieces of the cupboard. We’re hoping to use the panelled doors to replace the doors – clinging onto the cupboard with difficultly – will replace them. They look a lot nicer. The MDF from the side of the cupboard is still in pretty good shape.




In addition to the painting, we’ve also had some plastering done in some of the other rooms. The Virgin internet and phone-line also got installed yesterday. So trying to upload photos to posts is going to be so much easier! I’ve been using my mobile hotspot in order to at least get some post up this week 🙂 (It’s really hard to stop me writing as it does actually keep me sane!!)

I’ll keep you lovely lot updated with the progress from my weekend – Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. But I’m very much looking forward to the arrival of a washing machine on Tuesday (my MIL has been a lifesaver!) and a fridge freezer on Wednesday (thankfully I have a mini fridge that fits a pint of milk and some cheese in). Then I can start to look less like I’m squatting in my own house….

All the best,




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