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W.I.P – Knitted Patchwork Quilt – Square 24

After a very exciting week painting and moving, I thought I would update you on the next square I have completed.

This is the little ladders stitch square in what looks to be a mustard yellow….


This was finished while I was up at my grandparents. It led to my grandfather sharing an anecdote about his mother – who I’ve never heard very much about.

Apparently she used to knit for a time. However she didn’t use patterns and measured her knitting by holding it up to the person she was knitting it for.

So she decided to have a go at knitting my grandfather a vest top. If was in this stitch – which is what reminded my grandad. However, when she came to finish it, it was so large that my grandad and his father could fit in it at the same time. They both laughed (which was a bit mean!) and she vowed never to knit anything for them again. Which is sad.

In proof that this same stitch hasn’t bested broken me – I’ve made a start on square 25 – the banded broken rib square.


This square is a totally new stitch. Which is really exciting 🙂 This is what it’s going to look like finished *fingers crossed*


Wish me luck!




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