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Service Station Crafting Magazine – Homemaker – Issue 35

On  Monday I was heading home from a weekend up in Derby with my grandparents. Having married and left home, it’s not often I head out on a family weekend away. But it was lovely weekend 🙂

Getting bored on the drive home (Dad was driving) – I swung into W H Smiths and picked up a crafting magazine. I don’t treat myself to them very often, so it was pretty exciting.

The one I eventually picked out from the limited selection is called Homemaker and I’d never seen it before. Has anyone else heard of it?

Homemaker Magazine - Issue 35
Homemaker Magazine – Issue 35

It also came with a couple of freebies – a colouring book and a kit to make some crochet projects.


Only problem…. I can’t currently crochet. But this could be a really fun opportunity to learn.

I have found this video is a great start for the basics through 🙂

Beginner Guide to Crochet

If you are looking for a new magazine, this is a really good one. It’s packed full of a mix of different craft projects and instructions. As I love swapping between different types of crafting to liven things up, this suits me down to a T.

There are a few of the suggested projects (all with instructions) that I would love to try.

1. Peg bag

My current peg bag was a cheap bag brought from Wilko a few years ago. With my new love of crafting, the concept of making my own from scratch is so much more appealing. Fabric shopping time! Perhaps to match the apron I would like to get started on from my Pinterest Inspired Project To Do List..

Peg Bag Project Idea
Peg Bag Project Idea

2. Cushion.

This one looks a little more fidly. But I have a friend who is keen to teach me to sew and so this could be a fun one to get started on 🙂 I’m thinking bold primary colours as that would match the marvel themed living room we are planning!

Inspiration for a Sofa Cushion
Inspiration for a Sofa Cushion

image3. Floor cushions

Now I don’t plan on doing this exactly. But it could be structurally better design idea for my denim patchwork floor cushion. Slightly more complicated I think. But a jobs got to be done properly.

Inspiration for floor cushions
Inspiration for floor cushions

4. Pocket door hanger.

I was thinking about doing something like this for storing my knitting needles. My collection is starting to get too big for the needle wrap.

So I’m thinking the same length as the door with slimier pockets a use of ribbon to keep the matching pairs together.

Inspiration for my needle organiser for the back of my door
Inspiration for my needle organiser for the back of my door

5. Terrocota painted pots.

These look seriously cute. In addition to the bright colours, they also suggest using chalkboard paint so that you can write on what the pot contains. I’m not entirely sure what I’d use them for yet. But they would be a pretty solution to potting out herbs etc when my new kitchen is set up.

Terracotta painting pots. Ideal for keeping pretty much anything in - including plants!
Terracotta painting pots. Ideal for keeping pretty much anything in – including plants!

6. Knitting wall project.

I loved this idea for a project. Having now got some confidence for changing colours mid row (check out my chevron square if you haven’t already) this seems like a great project technically.

It’s all DK wool, so I can easily pick up most of the colours I need at the local charity shop. So I will hopefully get started with it in the next couple of weeks – once I’ve caught up with this months squares…. A girl can dream…

Knitting Wall Project
Knitting Wall Project

So my project list is starting to get longer again… opps… But it’s so much fun finding them all.

Have you been inspired by any of these projects?

Looking forward to hearing from you!




5 thoughts on “Service Station Crafting Magazine – Homemaker – Issue 35

    1. Thank you so much! That’s really made my day and so nice of you 🙂 Will get the blog written in a few days – we haven’t got internet at home yet. So having to use minimal mobile internet signal 😦 Which is slowing things down 🙂

      1. I’m so glad 🙂 I really enjoy your blog and had to nominate you. No worries about the response, you’ve got a lot of awesome going on right now with your new place, so enjoy. I’m looking forward to reading your response 🙂

    1. That’s good to know about the pots 🙂 I’m looking forward to giving them a go 🙂

      Thanks for the link! That’s super helpful and kind of you to share. Am popping back to my nans tonight (we used to live there before we moved) and I will grab my crochet hooks and give it a go later.

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