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Projects from Pinterest Inspiration

So I did something dangerous this morning. For the first time in a while I headed over to Pinterest. In this case it was to my boards. I’ve now got a list of projects I want to have a go at. Opps… lol

I took some screenshots to share my new funky to-do list.

1. I love this idea for a rug. It’s such a funky idea and pretty easy to to – just time consuming.


To make this even better there is apparently a way of making them multi coloured… I find this concept insanely exciting. All i need to do is add some metallic/glittery wool to this concept and I will truly be in love.


2. Apron – Superhero themed

Based on this pattern I need to find this material and make myself a full length apron. It is just so amazing and my apron is getting a bit old / it would be good have a spare.

I don’t think I’d do the frills… but I like the contrasting fabric on the pocket.


3. Flip flop bag.

Not for me this one. But my mother-in-law loves flip flops. So I’m definitely thinking of this for Christmas.  Will probably add in a zip and try and add in some internal pockets.

It will be this first time I’ve made a bag since I was 14 though…


4. Teacup candles.

This is such a beautiful idea. Candle making is always something I’ve fancied dabbling in.

Definitely thinking these would be perfect in the craft room…


5. Cross stitch idea.

I need to make this (or a variation on the theme) and hang it in my kitchen.

I hate washing up. Cross stitch isn’t my favourite craft though (it’s so slow) but I do enjoy it in the right mood.


6. Lego figure wall display.

I love this idea with the box frame. We’re doing a marvel themed lounge – so a superhero themed one for in there would be amazing.

In addition, I would love a HP one of these for the spare bedroom. Need to start collecting…


7. Floor poufe/cushion.

I originally found this pin about a year ago. I’ve since sketched out a floor cushion interpretation of this. So with denim on one side and patchwork from scrap curtain fabric on the other.

Ideal for sitting on or using against a hard wall.

I’ve been saving old jeans/denim for the last year. So will get started on this once the sewing patchwork is done.


So what do you think of these ideas? Any thoughts on what I should get started on first? Any suggestions welcome! 🙂

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend 🙂


19 thoughts on “Projects from Pinterest Inspiration

  1. I love the idea of a Marvel themed lounge 🙂 it’s genius! The lego box frame seems pretty easy to start with. Good luck with those projects they are all awesome!

    1. Thank you 🙂 i’ll make sure to put up loads of pictures. I’ve got a very clever friend who has upcycled a coffee table for me with marvel wallpaper and we got some A1 framed posters 🙂 so excited! 🙂

  2. I would say to start with whichever project you currently have all the items to make 🙂 They are all fantastic projects and I can’t wait to see them!

    1. That seems a very sensible approach. Based on that the floor cushion could be a good shout. Will need to borrow my mother’s sewing machine (my mini one wont handle the heavy duty fabric) ). 🙂

      1. I did! You and the little devil on my shoulder have won me over. I think I’m at 5 UFO’s now…. That’s not too bad. Now if I can only stay away from Pinterest….

          1. Lol! If I’m knitting, I can’t be on Pinterest so I think I took on another project in self defense 😀 [My To Make board has 307+ pins, I’m horrified.]

                1. That’s a great problem to have! It means you’re well on you way…. Okay at the risk of being a frienemy, how about starting a pair of socks? Those are super easy to travel with and you can knit along with us on Thursdays 🙂

                2. I do now have a book on knitting socks I have borrowed off a fellow knitter/friend…. It won’t be long now. Am heading up Sheffield way this weekend to visit grandparents. So will raid wool stores/charity shops while I’m there. Will keep you updated of any finds 🙂

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