Apologies for the Radio Silence – An update

I definitely feel like I’ve been a bit silent the last couple of days in terms of blogging. Feeling a little bit out of kilter at the moment.

We are still waiting for a definite move date for our new house (there is one last job we need the seller to complete before we will exchange) – so I’m not feeling very centered at the moment. That always puts me a bit off kilter. I hate not having a firm schedule.

To add to that, my husband’s nan has gone into hospital. So that’s also been rather distracting as we are slightly worried. Fingers crossed she will be ok.

On a more positive note – I have managed to find another one of my friends who also wants to go running 🙂 So have found myself a new running buddy – yay! So we managed about 6K on Monday night. Although it did take us an hour and 40 minutes because we ended up chatting to a dude down at the beach who then offered us free pizza (we had a slice each). As a result our speed wasn’t great on route home…. But it was soo worth it!

Carrying on with the theme of running – I’ve signed up to another race! So I’m really looking forward to that. It’s only a 5K this one – I thought it would be a good bridge to the 10K in April. My speed for 5K is about 40minutes at the moment on my own.

Time left for me to train....
Time left for me to train….

This is the route and elevation details. I definitely need some more hill runs though. Although near the new house will be a local heathland with lots of hills. So will be making lots of use of that 🙂

New Forest 5K route
New Forest 5K route

I’ve also managed to make further progress in my quest to finding the perfect cup of decaf coffee. I’ve finally found some filter decaf coffee and so treated myself to a plunger mug so I could have some strength of flavour at work! I’m finding it’s making good cups of coffee and the cost was good. 

My new plunger mug
My new plunger mug

This week I have also managed to finish a book I was reading – The Boss Killers by Keith Gillison. Really funny and I will be publishing my review in the next couple of days once I’ve filmed the review video.  If you want to have a read of something a bit different – here’s the amazon link.

The Boss Killers by Keith Gillison
The Boss Killers by Keith Gillison

I have been doing some knitting this week. But that’s currently top secret (sorry!) and I will update you on that next week…

What have you guys been up to this week?



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