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Audiobook Review – Tribes We Need You To Lead Us. Seth Godin

After this book has been sat gathering dust on my self, it was time to try a new tact - an audio book
After this book has been sat gathering dust on my self, it was time to try a new tact – an audio book

This is a book that I picked up years ago in a book sale. It’s been sat on my bookshelf for years in the To-Read list. I’m quickly realising that I have limited time for reading in my busy schedule. So I have recently discovered and subscribed to a 1 book a month plan on audible.

The audiobook popped on a list that was for sale for about £1.99 (I’d already had my freebie for the month). It was irresistible – especially since it’s being read by the author.

So with all my knitting and walking at lunch I’ve been able to listen to it. It’s a great way of making my time more efficient – especially when it’s relevant to marketing and so hits the ‘useful for work’. Triple win!

The first thing I have to comment on is that Seth Godin is really easy to listen too. He is obviously really enthusiastic about his chosen specialist topic and this makes it more engaging.

In terms of the content, this looks into the concept of tribes and how you can use this for marketing. It’s a really new way of looking at marketing – and really building on the concept of branding being a loyal fan base that I learnt during the Future Learn Branding Course.

His theory is that if you can create a tribe with loyal fans then your organisation can grow. People will talk about you and spread the concept of what you are. From this they will return again and again – but next time they will bring friends.

I’m spending nearly every sentence going – “I completely get what you are saying” and “that makes so much sense”. It’s really motivational and really makes me want to push myself and try something new.

It’s leaving me with a sense of inspiration (and a firecracker up my arse to go and change things). There are things I can apply for work and for promotion of my blog. It’s time to stop being afraid to try things and just get on and do it.

I thiught I would share encase this also applied to you. If it does, I really hope it helps.

Buy the audiobook here

Buy the book here

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