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WIP (Friday not Wednesday – Sorry!) – Wrist Warmers

Having spend so long on that black scarf, I was now eager to get started on something smaller and quicker.

Having a nose through my art of knitting magazines allowed me to find a really cute and hopefully simple set of wrist-warmers. I thought I would take the lead of my betters and get started on something for me for winter.

I found this fantastic shade of red it my stash 🙂


Woke up at 5:30am this morning feeling itchy for a new project to be started. So I cast on an got knitting. The beginning seems pretty simple. A bit worried about the thumb though……


When I made it into work this morning I made some further progress. The main body of the warmer is stocking stitch. All of the squares I’ve been doing have been great practice apparently. So if this pace keep up I may even have mitt 1 finished this evening….


I am also totally loving the red and this wool is softer than I expected it to be. I know its DK based on thickness. But I have no idea what mix it is.

But red is my favourite colour and it could only be better if it also had glitter…. but you can’t get everything in life.

So… managed to create an accidental raised line. I could have unstitched it – but because of the positioning I think it will look quite quirky. Also managed to actuallybread the pattern correctly and knit the thumb stich.


Now just to add a bit more portion to the hand bit and we are good to go!

Thinking this wrist warmer would look awesome in ribbed stitch? Thoughts?




9 thoughts on “WIP (Friday not Wednesday – Sorry!) – Wrist Warmers

  1. Thanks 🙂 It was weird – I literally could not figure out how the thumb hole worked until I started knitting it 🙂 Although I’ve had a notebook on my desk all morning… I think I might have got a miny hand warmer bug… opps… (Wool shopping time!!)

    Can anyone recommend some cool self stripping wool please? 🙂

  2. Looks great. My first go at doing the thumb was a bit of a disaster – bit of a hole at the base. Although this could be a different construction as I was using double pointed needles. Wrist warmers are great for a first cable project too – look great and not as difficult as I had imagined.

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