This Little Piggy Learned A New Trick 

Has anyone ever tried this? I think I might need to give this dual sleeve knitting a go.

Bored Little Piggy

I have seen people knitting sleeves two at a time. It seems simple enough, but Inhave learned from experience that what seems simple in youtube tutorial could be a bloody complicated task in practice.

However, as usual, I was bored and I did need a challenge. So I watched the tutorial once more, and started with my sleeves.

oh well… challenge’s accepted!
Casting on is piece of piss. Counting them needed more concentration. Having a notebook or doodle paper is always handy.

After ribbing, and a few rows, I finally mastered the technique of knitting them without getting both yarns all tangled up.

so far so good…
I have to say that I don’t really fancy doing two things at once. I found multitasking very confusing. But the row counter in the end of my needles was a godsend so that I could do knitting without being bothered with counting.

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2 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Learned A New Trick 

    1. I reblogged this from bored little piggy – she managed it. I’ve never even knitted a sleeve before… so perhaps this is a little way off.

      Knitting socks this way could be interesting. Although, again, not tried socks yet. Although I have no found a pattern I want to try 🙂

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