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How to fit it all in (or not)

It seems that I have created this image of myself that I am an extraordinarily busy, proactive person. That is definitely the case in many aspects – such as my hobbies and writing this blog – but not in everything. However, the thing I am often asked is – how do you fit it all in?

The short answer is – I’m still learning too. It’s difficult enough being a slightly odd 23 year old. I married my now husband at 21 (to be condemned by some for being “too young”), graduated with First class Hons in Forensic Science at 22, then lacked the motivation and willingness to move for jobs in my chosen field at 22/23 and then discovered the field of digital marketing at 23 (promptly actually falling in love with the profession). In addition to all of this, I’m also a keen crafter (which fits with my love affair with Netflix), a keen reader (which doesn’t fit so well with Netflix) and a keen blogger.

So how do I fit in all my hobbies and all the things I now need to learn to do my chosen profession? It has been a really slow and continuous learning process. But it has been inspired by those exemplary individuals who have come before me.

Same outfit everyday for work. When I first started with Shine Lighting we didn’t have a uniform. So I had the initial excitement of getting to choose (within reason) what I wore everyday to work. It wasn’t until we had some branded tops made that I realised how much time I wasted every day decided what to wear. Inspired by Mark Zuckerberk I then paired these shirts with a pile of the black smart trousers I found during my Minimalist game sort out. Getting changed now takes half the time and almost no energy.

Mark Zuckerberg - wears the same T-shirt ever day to work to save time and energy every day. Source:
Mark Zuckerberg – wears the same T-shirt ever day to work to save time and energy every day. Source:

Same lunch every day at work (I usually don’t bother with Breakfast and have lunch at 12). Going with this theme, I have also started to eat almost the same thing everyday at work for lunch. It’s currently usually a variant of baked beans/scrambled eggs on toast with cheese. So a great source of fibre and eliminates the need for the daily decision. I’m going to be moving closer to work soon, so at that point (with slightly more time in the mornings I might change this for something including more fresh food).

Eliminating coffee. Interestingly, I have actually found that I have felt a lot more productive and focused since giving up caffeine. I’ve also felt a lot healthier and have a lot more natural energy (although I think this is because in combo with less coffee I am now drinking more water). Instead of caffeinated coffee I am now possibly drinking 1/2 cups of decaf coffee (I still like the taste), about 2/3 cups of herbal tea and about 1.5L-2L of water (usually with a slice of lemon).

Running. I feel so much better and focused after going for a run/fast walk. Once I’m chilling out post run I tend to find I can put my mind to jobs that I have been putting off and get a little bit more efficient with finishing them. Where I’m going to be living closer to work I will be walking in every day and jogging home. So I’m hoping this will allow to to gain even more focus at work (which would be great as there is always about 6 million jobs to do!).

I’ve not taken on all these habits at once. Each once has really proceeded the other. It’s a bit like my lifestyle changes are gaining momentum throughout the year (all largely based on my resolutions from January). I’m feeling better, keeping to my resolutions, feeling happy and losing weight. So I think 2015 has been largely a success so far.

There is still a long way to go though. Other projects still get forgotten about and there is not always time prioritised properly. Friends and family aren’t always seen as often as I should see them. I’ve got to start finding the balance and working out how I combine my interests and pursuits with them. This is slightly true already with my crafting (I meet up with a few of my crafty friends for craft nights) and running (my friend and I meet up for a run 1/2 times a week). But I need to strike the balance between them and actually spending time with my husband. It’s definitely not as easy as it seems once you start considering it all.

But things take time and I’m only 6 months into this journey. Thanks for all the support you guys have shown me thus far.

Onwards and Upwards


2 thoughts on “How to fit it all in (or not)

  1. I’m always in awe of all your completed knitting projects. I’ve lost a bit of my regular routines and habits over the last 3 to 6 months. Little things have slipped that individually don’t really matter but overall I feel the impact – to my detriment. I really need to get back on track. I like your one-at-a-time approach to building new habits – and it sounds like it has really worked for you.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      Seriously you can get it all back on track. Little bits at a time make it all a bit less scary. But it is really hard at first to it all in initially 🙂 Just keep believing – you can do it!

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