How to drag your husband out for a walk in 1 easy step – bike night!

I live in Poole, Dorset, UK. Every Tuesday night during the summer hundreds of motorbikes flock down to Poole quay.

So we thought we’d make a night of it and head on down. Wanting to introduce my husband to my walking craze, we decided to save money on parking and park for free on the other side of the boating lake. It meant we had a decent walk to and from the quay and the around the bikes.

I also went for a brief walk at lunch (as I was conscious I hadn’t moved much today). So I was quite pleased with my total steps. Although I keep forgetting to turn the app off in the car so minus about 1000 steps from the total.


It’s a really friendly evening and there are some really awesome bikes. Here are a few pics of my favourites.

Check out the range of colours:

I love the colours of all the bikes down here.

My husbands a motorbike mechanic and he couldn’t understand why this had happened…


GLITTER!!! It doesn’t show amazingly in the pic. But it looked awesome.


A few awesome looking trikes:



My absolute favourite – Lord of the Rings artwork. This is amazing:




Any of you own a motorbike? I do but havnt ridden it in ages because we’ve been saving for the house.


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