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WIP – Sewing Project – PATCHWORK Quilt

This is a project I started early 2014.
I’ve always fancied having a go at putting a quilt together. I’ve not done any sewing really since I was 13 – year 9 textiles class – so definitely out of practice!

Not quite sure where to start, I started collection designs on a Pinterest board. Then I eventually found this one and suddenly it all fell into place.

Cross quilt patterns
However, rather than being separated by white crosses, all of the crosses will be patterned. My thought was that this would be the best way of mixing the pattern fabric as individual squares might look a bit overwhelming.
Here is a quick sample of some of the fabrics that are going into my quilt. I’ve got a mix of fabrics I have brought and some that have been donated by friends and family for the project. The plan is to mix the block coloured fabric with the ones that have more white in the design.

Work so far…I have started sewing them into crosses and used a large white sheet to formulate my design. The plan is to use the sheet as an extra layer below the patched side between the stuffing. I’m hoping this will secure the patched design.

Fabric Samples
Samples of completed crosses
For the back of the quilt I have a red piece of fabric with a printed image of the Hindu God. I brought it in Portugal as I wanted something in the blanket to remind me of the holiday. It will also give me the perk of a reversible quilt! I’ll give you a sneak preview of it further into creation – so watch this space!

January progress…

So post Christmas work on the blanket has progressed from pieces to some of the crosses of the fabric actually sewn together! Originally I had began the design sewing together using invisible plastic thread. During this stage I discovered that that was not my best plan as some of that stitching is coming apart. So I am now using white cotton thread and make small repair stitches where necessary.

So here is a photo of my progress so far! I’ve given up on pinning them onto the sheet. This was manly because I was being an bit impatient. I really needed to see some progress to get my motivation going on this project.

Some of the more eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that my attempt at free wheeling this without a pattern needs more focus. The bottom cross with with flowers needs to be unstiched and moved across and up one square. Apparently spending a bit of time doing a line drawing pattern could be a good move.

Here it is (feel free to copy if you want to try the composition yourself. The squares are 13″ x 13″ inches.
Since I put the line drawing together, the blanket has progressed significantly.
Projects Update - Patchwork quilt
Projects Update – Patchwork quilt

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