My Finished Objects (F.O)

Finished Objects – Knitted Bunnies

I saw this adorable pattern on my Facebook feed 🙂 My husband then challenged me to knit 10 to hide around his safe-zone at Drone Airsoft.

The perk that he is buying the wool and I get to knit something. So that is definitely a win.

Instructions from Joso and Sew
I’m using double knit wool with 3mm needles. 35 stitches across. 62 rows. Knit stitch. Finished with a 2.5cm pom-pom. Then sewed on eyes an nose with stitches.
This is the complete collection of bunnies. All camo themed colour coordinated. It’s a great exercise for improving tension and practice in changing colour.

Any thoughts on the colour scheme?
There was a lot of remaining wool left, so I used the colour combos I had planned to inspire the chunky blanket I’ve been knitting.
See the resemblance?
The Camo Themes Knitted Blanket
The Camo Themes Knitted Blanket

6 thoughts on “Finished Objects – Knitted Bunnies

  1. Cute bunnies. I found the pattern a while ago, knitted one square, but never turned it into a bunny. Must dig it out and finish. Thanks for the reminder.

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