My Finished Objects (F.O)

F.O. – Cosy Cowl Scarf

*This is a blog I wrote back in January – but I’m in the process of transferring some of the content over from my old blog*

My Sunday was suddenly planned. With the arrival of the 10mm needles and my chunky emerald wool (which had turned out the week before) I suddenly had all the ingredients to make my cowl scarf. Having never done any chunky knitting before this was pretty exciting. On Sunday I managed to finished about half the rows.  I was feeling really pleased with my colour choice!

The issue I was starting to find on Monday morning was that the needles were about half the length I needed to cope easily with 150 stitches. Highly recommend longer needs (min 40cm) for attempting this chunky knit! We had a few holes in the finished piece as I didn’t notice when I dropped stitches. But I am rather proud of it!

I’ve brought myself a long pair of 10mm needles. So planning another cowl scarf – although colour and design have yet to be decided 🙂

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