Finished Object Friday :: Oblique

Have a look at this beautiful F.O. from Night Owl. ITS SO PETTY!

I can’t fault it. Beautiful shape, pattern and colour.

I definately need to brave this pattern although possibly a next winter make….



11 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday :: Oblique

      1. Working out the color/selecting yarn is the fun part 🙂 Thought I kind of chicken out of the by asking myself: “What matches everything I own? Charcoal it is!”

              1. We’re in the same boat! Though my wife gets excited about my projects too, we had a talk about my needing to finish something (anything) before I take anything else on 🙂

                1. Lol! I blame Pinterest and Ravelry for the 30 items on my list, here are the first couple: Surry Hills Cardigan, cowl scarf, Jaques Causteau hat, arm warmers, embroidering handkerchiefs, Boston Harbor scarf, and a pullover.

                2. Pinterest is definitely dangerous (although I fear Revelry might become just as bad) 🙂 Look forward to seeing F.O. 🙂 I have the scarf, A knitted patchwork blanket, a sewing patchwork blanket and a half edited Novel 🙂

                3. So am I! I thought the shawl I’ve been working on was going to be a quick project but instead ended up being a lesson in form, technique and lots of patience. Ravelry is REALLY dangerous because the patterns are right there and many are free. It’s both awesome and scary – especially since you have a novel going on! That’s epic!

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