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Dusting off old projects

I nearly went out for another jog tonight. Then I got distracted by the options for craft projects and my husband is out for the evening… so it would be rude not to take the opportunity for some personal crafting time.

So I thought I would dig out one of my eldest projects.


4 years in the making. Its in double knit black wool on 2/3mm needles in garter stitch. 50 stitches wide.


However, I am under obligation to finish it as it was a gift I promised my husband I would give him for Christmas before we were married. So… hopefully he might get it this year? Which would be nice as it will be our first Christmas in our new house.

The last time I touched this project was Feb. Partly due to the square patchwork art of knitting project. The knitting for the squares is much more interesting.

Though it will be difficult, I will try to finish it. Currently on ball 4 (or possibly 5? It’s been that long).


Current length: About 63 inches

Ideal length: About 70-90 inches according to art of

So final countdown! Hopefully… Might just need to get myself 1 more ball of black DK and my husband will have a warm neck this winter.

UPDATE: FINALLY FINISHED!!! YAY! Have a look at the completed article here.

7 thoughts on “Dusting off old projects

    1. Thanks šŸ™‚ Measured against husband this morning. Another 10 inches should be long enough…. which means this might finished on this ball of wool….

      1. That’s marvelous! I’m so excited for you both šŸ˜€
        Also, I had no idea The Art of Manliness had spoken to knit wear! I should really go get reacquainted with the site.

          1. Oh it’s a great site! I used it to decide on a pomade when Icut my hair and then found it again when I was re-seasoning a cast iron skillet – it’s seriously useful!

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