WIP – patchwork quilt – #Square15

I love the chequerboard stitch. It just looks awesome! Saw some great ideas of using this stitch on a larger scale for a blanket. Hmmm… project ideas…

Anyway, back to this project. This is the finished square 14


Looks cute in grey. Would love to try this in colour changing wool or with slightly chunkier wool.

So made a start of square 15.


Felt very pleased to get so close to catching up. Then this happened….


Suddenly I’m 4 squares behind again…. O well… knitting time!!

Any projects you guys working on? Would love to see – please link in the comments below 🙂


4 thoughts on “WIP – patchwork quilt – #Square15

  1. Oh no! That’s just the sort of thing I’d do, get nearly there, but then get distracted and behind again. I wonder if there’s some psychological reason for this – such as we need the kick up the bum of feeling behind or is it simply our curious minds get interested in other stuff.

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