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WIP – Patchwork Blanket. Square 13

Hello everyone! A huge welcome to all my new followers. It’s been great reading all of your blogs too. I’m feeling so inspired!

So I have had a very productive day. I’ve managed to make it down to the hotel gym this morning for a 30 minute run on the treadmill (although the cooked brekki that followed balanced out calories). The we’ve also managed  to make it down the the pool for a 30 minute swim.

In addition, I’ve also managed to finish off my 12th square. I love the pattern. It’s so simple to knit and looks really cute. Possible might look better in a colour other than white. But I’m sure this will be done at some point in the project.


So now I can get started on square 13.


It doesn’t show up that well in this picture, but the stripes are a bright blue and bright pink. So its going to look very vibrant.



6 thoughts on “WIP – Patchwork Blanket. Square 13

    1. I have a push bike. Got it at christmas and used it twice. Find something you enjoy 🙂 also, start small and work up. I started by doing a 10min run every couple of days x

      1. There’s a lot I can’t do because I have an odd joint on my right foot that become arthritic in my 20s. I therefore can only really swim or ride a bike for serious exercise. I do enjoy cycling, so I do that. I hate swimming, so cycling is my only option 😦

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