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How Branding is Changing In the Future

So for the last 6 weeks I have been a little quiet for some of them (sorry!).  During this time I have been house sitting (now home), house hunting (moving in August *fingers crossed*), running (now 3 times a week and managing to jog without dying! Yay!) and also studying a free course of Future learn.

This free course is called the Secret Power of Brands. 6 Units that have been so comprehensive. For any of you that are interesting in Branding I wanted to share this article with you about 5 Ways Brands are Changing by Robert Jones.

As part of the course, I was then asked this questions about it:

How strong do you think his argument is? Which of these five shifts is the most important? Which ones are shorter-term fashions, and which are long-term changes? Why is this all happening?

This question and article really inspired me and my answer ended up extending to more than one post length. Here’s my answer in full. I would be really interested in getting your opinion:

I think all of the points are very valid. However, I think the point about a changing consumer needs further looking at. People usually want to buy things. They just like being told to by things. I things its less about them not wanting to be persuaded, but the nature of the method of persuasion is changing. If the item is still something they need you need to let them know what they are buying into by choosing one brand over another – style/quality/ethics etc. The market is slightly different if it is a ‘want item’ – e.g. I saw a posted Facebook post the other day about candles with hidden jewellery in the other day. I loved the concept of it and I probably would have converted if I wasn’t currently in the process of moving house! But the point is the nature of persuasion has changed. It’s about the right type of message in the right place at the right time.

The concept of being less about position and more about purpose is the most important point. Particular now, with limited time as a resource, the user experience being highly efficient is hugely important.

Equally, I also think this is also the most short term of the 5 -as the purpose of the brands develop further as the tech and market place changes. I think this will eventually be a balancing act between the 2. But hugely about the consumer peer marketing you can produce through brand advocates as people become less trusting as brand coorporations.

Longer term concept of companies not using brands to control but inspire is a very important change for businesses. I think this will prevent business becoming so consumed with the concept of their brand that they miss market changes are can react a lot more quickly. Hopefully prevent more Kodak type scenarios.

This is all happening primarily because of the ease of which consumers and businesses have access to and use technology. Access to all this additional information removes the aspect of traditional trust relationship between shops and consumers. They now don’t have to follow blindly what they are being told, but now have easy access to information – including reviews, comparable prices etc. In addition, as consumers have less ‘spare time’ the need to have easy user experiences is more important than ever before.

2 thoughts on “How Branding is Changing In the Future

  1. Thank you for this interesting post and article. Have only had time for a quick scan of article – have downloaded for later – but did wonder about the point about visual identity being less important. Surely with less time and more choice brands need to be easily identifiable. It might be ok for google to mess about with their logo, but not most brands surely?

    1. Hi Bekki. 🙂 glad you found it interesting. The thought is now that it is more about having elements/ icons of you brand that are ident – e.g. facebook thumbs up. Having this variation makes it more engaging and interesting for customers. Although i do agree that this in practoce is much more difficult for small brands

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