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DIY Glitter Glass Jars

Such a funky and such a simple concept. This idea will be great for personalising candle glasses for our new home 🙂

Think I need to go on a hunt for Marvel and Harry Potter plastic stencils now….

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DIY Glass Jars

I know I haven’t posted in a week. With the holiday mid week (and a New Kids on the Block concert with the girls) I took some time to review my stats and decided if there was a better time for me to be blogging. So I have now decided that I will be focusing my posts to mid week instead of end. Sorry if you came looking. But I did do a fun DIY that I want to share.

Apparently I obsess over centrepiece ideas and love to add glitter to anything. So I took a page from Martha Stewart and glittered up some glass jars that would work perfectly together as a centre piece. Note I didn’t do the whole bit, because I was just testing out how this works and I don’t have a table that currently needs a centrepiece.

The whole process was super easy. For the…

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