My WIP Projects

WIP Square 11

Some excellent news. I have finally finished square 10. It took a lot of concentration (I had to keep redoing rows where i occasionally got distracted!) But I got there eventually.


For those that don’t know – I subscribed to the art of knitting in Jan. Each mag comes with a ball of wool and a pattern for a square. Eventually I’ll sew all the squares together for a patchwork blanket.

I’m now on square 11. The double stitch moss square.


The same pattern as an earlier square. But it’s  great practice for learning to swap between a pearl and a knit stitch.

Row 1: k1, P1, to end
Row 2 : P1, K1 to end.

Give you this affect:


I quite like the cross pattern. Not so sure on the colour though ( each mag comes with a free ball of wool). What do you think?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



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