This weeks update – Running, Wine and other business

This is my second attempt at writing this update. I feel asleep mid way through writing this last night (after a busy week and a couple of glasses of wine). It hasn’t finished yet either, but I needed a night off. Sorry. But here’s an update of what I’ve been up too.

Monday – Dying from walk and buying sofas. 

After the 12 mile walk on Sunday my legs were dead Sunday night and Monday morning. But I still managed to get up early for a coffee meeting with a friend at 8:30 – apparently I seem to have more things in common with early risers (my husband is one too).

After the coffee my husband and I went and placed the deposit on our new sofas. We found the most comfy sofas (in budget) in the AHF sofa store in Branksome. Fantastic range although their branding is poor.

Manhattan 3 Seater Sofa
Manhattan 3 Seater Sofa

It says 3 seater sofa. Personally, I would describe it as a large 2 seater. 3 adults on here would be a squeeze. But the size is perfect for us as it’s large enough for me to stretch my legs out.  We’ve placed the deposit and will phone to get them to start making once we have exchanged the contracts on the house. We’ve gone for a slightly darker grey than the sofa (with a matching colour for the cushions).

Tuesday – Packing and tidying after the gerbils. 

If I thought about this I would have got a recent video to introduce you to them. They are called Yin & Yang and they are super cute. We’ve had them for about a year. Here is a video of them from when we first brought them home.

They spend their entire time creating as much mess as possible. Hence the reason this took as much time to clean up as it did. The unit they were on got dismantled and they got moved to the dining room table. It’s a lot cooler in there and with tiles it makes them a lot easier to clean up after. The dining table is currently in the kitchen and it is a bit of dump zone at the moment, so not really losing out on the table space. On the other hand, the space were the gerbils were is quite big and ideal for stacking boxes full of books.

Wednesday – Studying – Future Learn – Secret Power of Brands + failed knitting attempt. 

Currently, I am mid-way through a free course on Future Learn. It’s called the Secret Power of Brands and is a fantastic crash course for a beginner on branding. All the courses are designed and run by universities – so the content is up to date and extensive. The best bit is that they are all free and cover a really diverse range of types of subjects.

Once I decided that I should probably stop before going to sleep, I thought I’d have an attempt at knitting. That didn’t go so well. I knitted 2 lines and had to unpick both of them. Fail. Definitely not a knitting day.

Thursday – Signed up for 10K and going for a run. 

In some other really exciting news, I have finally signed up for the 10K Southampton run. There is no going back now. It was £19.99 for entry and I get a free T-shirt on run day. In addition to that, I also paid a £9.99 fee for a training T-shirt that will arrive in October. Currently, I don’t have an official running shirt (only T-shirts) so a training shirt from my first run will be a fantastic future motivation.

Just incase I forget how long I've got to train, there is a handy countdown on the website.....
Just incase I forget how long I’ve got to train, there is a handy countdown on the website…..

With this new motivation, my friend/training partner went out for a jog around Branksome rec. Rather than 1 lap last week, we made it 2 times this week (with me actually jogging most of the way around). So totally excited by the progress I appear to be making. Need to make it to around 6/7 laps by April though. Definite perk – the weather was amazing.

Friday – Wine & Fallout 4 

My husband’s birthday isn’t until October. But somehow his gift has already been organised. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but the new Fallout 4 has finally been announced. My husband has been following the chatter online for months and nearly wet himself with excitement when they announced a special collectors edition release.

As a result, as soon as it was announced that they were doing these special collectors edition pack, I’ve heard of nothing else in the house. So it was, I spent the entire of my lunch break attempting (and finally succeeding) to buy one of these packs online. This was part of a secondary release by Game. Their website was glitchy all day (we presume that they has set up a separate server to Fallout pages… but still not great). So happy husband then brought me wine to go with dinner. A definite win for the end of the week.

Having paid the deposit, this kit will be arriving at my house along with the fallout game. Then I won't see my husband for 4 days.
Having paid the deposit, this kit will be arriving at my house along with the fallout game. Then I won’t see my husband for 4 days (I’m presuming he’s going to create a man cave in the garage for minimum disturbance….).

** Not entirely sure what the plan is for this evening. Dan (my husband) has a Drone game tomorrow, so we’ll have to sort out a few bits for that. Then I’m working tomorrow. Shine Lighting is sponsoring the family fun day – so we are giving out leaflets 🙂 I didn’t go last year to this fun day thing, so looking forward to seeing it. **


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