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W.I.P. – Knitted Patchwork Blanket – Square 17

I love this Port Banff rib effect. It’s visually interesting and I love the layers it creates.

Definitely planning to use this pattern in as many project variations as I can find!


This is the final finished square –>


Now for square 17. Double moss stitch.

I really like this pattern and have seen a few examples this week of this being used with a chunkier knit in a cowl. It’s a really simple concept but can look really effective. Although, I would like to try it out in different wool weights.

Time to get started:


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F.O. – Ribbed Wrist Warmers.

Original pattern – from art of knitting

Image of the Original Design from Art of Knitting

Originally the plan was to just knit this cute pair of handwarmer and be done….

Close Up of the Pre-pattern instructions from Art of Knitting

Take 1 – Pretty much following the pattern

Because I had the DK in red I thought I would have a go with that. It gave me a  chance to check to see if this pattern in standard fit my hand. I have pretty large hands and really long fingers!

Front of the Glove
Back of the Glove
Side of the glove

For me, this pattern is a little bit long and a little bit loose around the hand.

The thumb hole needs to be a little bit shorter.

While at work I started thinking patterns could make this a little more visually interesting and fit more snug to my hand.

So I opened my notebook…



So suddenly this has become a little bit of a development project…

Take 2 –  Full length ribs – Which I deemed awesome enough to knit a pair for

So initially I thought I would try out this ribbing idea.

I decided to go with a 2 x 2 ribbed pattern. Casted on 44 stitches again as that seems to fit well around my arm.

Row 1: k2, p2 etc
Row 2: k2, p2 etc
Row 1
Row 2.

Row 5: k2, p2 etc.
Row 6: p2, k2 etc.

Currently its looks like this:


Going to make it slightly longer than the first one as well. About another 3 inches long (about where the pen line is on my hand).


This pattern seems to be currently progressing well. Although slightly concerned that it might not be wide enough….

The most difficult bit is the ribs around the thumb. Currently producing mixed results….



Opps… will attempt a fix with a needle later on that hole…

Managed to get the first wrist warmer done in a night. I got slightly focused/addicted…


A slight hole. But I did repair this with a needles and some matching wool. So you can barely see it now.


I learnt a lot from doing that first one. Felt really proud of myself for getting it finished! I need to work on the thumb and keeping the tension when increasing the stitches.

Glove 2

Didn’t do a rib around the bottom on this one. Although that should be included in future replicas as it stops it rolling.

All ribs 2 x 2. Like the second version better where the rib encircles the thumb instead of following it up. Looks a lot neater. I then also added ribbing around the thumb when I got to the point of just knitting the length of the thumb (rather than knitting rows to increase stitches). It sits tighter to my thumb and is a lot more practical as it finishes just below the joint.



I’m really pleased with the ribbing pattern. It just looks really cool. I also have plans to knit a scarf to match. So 3 guesses what everyone in my family is getting for christmas this year…. I’ve found my speed and accuracy has really increased over the course of the 2 gloves and the second one came together really fast.

The wool for the next incarnation of the gloves with the self striping wool is here. But I am going to have to put knitting on hiatus for a week as I need to finish a book I promised I review for a friend. Unfortunately it’s now yet an audiobook so it’s not a chore I can double up.


Charity shop finds

So I had some really cute finds in charity shops last week 🙂 Just thought I’d share….

1. Milk jug. £1.49


I brought this for a project – it’s now been turned into a pin cushion….


2. Hat. £2.99


I nearlly walked out of this charity shop… then spotted it on the way out.

I really couldn’t help myself. I am totally in love with this hat.

3. Needles. 50p per pair. 25p per single double point / cable needle

I’m still in the process of building up my knitting ‘tool kit’ so any cheap needles are always welcome. I was very pleased to find all of these over a couple of days.

16 double point. Mix of 2.75mm, mix of 3.00mm and 3.25mm.

1 x 3.0mm cable

1 x 6.00mm cable

1 x 6.00mm needle pair

1 x 6.50mm needle pair

1 x 7.00mm needle pair

1 x 9.00mm needle pair.

This week has been a bit of a win!


My Finished Objects (F.O) · sewing

F.O – Pin cushion tutorial – vintage milk jug

Seriously love this Pin Cushion idea from House of NicNax.


I’m in the process of buying my first home. This home will have a second bedroom which will mean – for the first time  ever – that I have a permanent crafting space. So a beautiful pin cushion is suddenly an awesome (and very practical) idea.

My first thought is that this idea would work awesomely in a vintage style teacup. So I hit the charity shops in the hunt for an odd one.

Finally spotted (by my mother in law) is this seriously cute vintage milk jug.
I will continue to hunt for a vintage 1920’s teacup. But I’m loving this alternative.



I then had a hunt through my fabric stash – I’ve got a bit now due to my fabric patchwork project.

What do you think?


This was a really simple make. I literally managed to finish it in an hour.

The first thing I did was get measuring the jug. From that I could work out what size I needed the fabric to be.



I then got out my needle and thread and threaded around the edge.


Then pulled it tight…


Then I stuffed it full of cushion stuffing (my mother in law handily had one in the cupboard for that exact purpose).


The finished project (the second finished one for the week so I’m doing pretty well 🙂 )



The original also had a button… but I thought it would look a bit much?

What do you think?



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WIP (Friday not Wednesday – Sorry!) – Wrist Warmers

Having spend so long on that black scarf, I was now eager to get started on something smaller and quicker.

Having a nose through my art of knitting magazines allowed me to find a really cute and hopefully simple set of wrist-warmers. I thought I would take the lead of my betters and get started on something for me for winter.

I found this fantastic shade of red it my stash 🙂


Woke up at 5:30am this morning feeling itchy for a new project to be started. So I cast on an got knitting. The beginning seems pretty simple. A bit worried about the thumb though……


When I made it into work this morning I made some further progress. The main body of the warmer is stocking stitch. All of the squares I’ve been doing have been great practice apparently. So if this pace keep up I may even have mitt 1 finished this evening….


I am also totally loving the red and this wool is softer than I expected it to be. I know its DK based on thickness. But I have no idea what mix it is.

But red is my favourite colour and it could only be better if it also had glitter…. but you can’t get everything in life.

So… managed to create an accidental raised line. I could have unstitched it – but because of the positioning I think it will look quite quirky. Also managed to actuallybread the pattern correctly and knit the thumb stich.


Now just to add a bit more portion to the hand bit and we are good to go!

Thinking this wrist warmer would look awesome in ribbed stitch? Thoughts?



My Finished Objects (F.O)

F.O. – That black scarf

For those of you who don’t know – this has been a rather epic long project for me. 

It was originally started life with the intention of being a christmas present for my husband 3 1/2 years ago. At that point I had no idea about size of wool in relation to needle size.

“I’ll just knit a scarf and that will be really easy,” I thought to myself.

What I didn’t twig onto for a while (at which point I was too stubbon to restart) was that knitting with chunky wool on 2 3/4 needles is actually a form of self punishment.

Stitch: garter
Needle size: 2 3/4
Length: 75 inches (14 rows of 50 stitches per inch).
Stitches: 52500






This Little Piggy Learned A New Trick 

Has anyone ever tried this? I think I might need to give this dual sleeve knitting a go.

Bored Little Piggy

I have seen people knitting sleeves two at a time. It seems simple enough, but Inhave learned from experience that what seems simple in youtube tutorial could be a bloody complicated task in practice.

However, as usual, I was bored and I did need a challenge. So I watched the tutorial once more, and started with my sleeves.

oh well… challenge’s accepted!
Casting on is piece of piss. Counting them needed more concentration. Having a notebook or doodle paper is always handy.

After ribbing, and a few rows, I finally mastered the technique of knitting them without getting both yarns all tangled up.

so far so good…
I have to say that I don’t really fancy doing two things at once. I found multitasking very confusing. But the row counter in the end of my needles was a godsend so that I could do knitting without being bothered with counting.

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