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WIP – knitting magazine square 10

Well I am way behind on these squares. Pretty sure issue 20 came through my door the other day. I havnt had a chance to open the pack yet.

One square 10 now. Port Banff Rub Square. I’ve never done ribs before. I really love the effect and think a scarf in the pattern would look fantastic.


I knit with my notebook next to me. Either i have the colour pattern scribbled in there or i have a check list to keep track of what line i’m on. This is the easiest way to pick up the project is it gets a temp hiatus.

This pattern is just 2 lines alternated. So actually this is a pretty easy knit.

What do you guys think?

Eventually i’ll have 90ish squares I can sew together to make a blanket. Here’s the other squares I’ve already completed:



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