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Dining Rooms Chairs – Looks or Comfort?

Hi all 🙂 Welcome to Tuesday (the beginning of my week). I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

So I’ve spent most of my weekend sorting out more things for the move. We’ve made a little more headway on the packaging and we have found a sofa that’s super comfy and in budget!

Even though the move is still approx 2 months away, we thought we would take advantage of the few calm weekends. We came up with the idea of packing all the ornamental stuff now. Packed in a rush they will only get broken. The DVDs also hardly get used now – since we signed up to Netflix – so they have also been packed. Turns out we had nearly 200 of them hidden in random places around the house. Definitely enough for a movie marathon once we’re all set up.

In addition to that, we also finally found a sofa. We’re going in to pay a deposit on Monday – so I will get a quick picture and share it with you then. It’s within budget, we can get it in the colour with need and it’s comfy with the relative high arms that I wanted. So totally winning with that one. Once the deposit is paid they’re going to hold off making them until we have a set date for the move. Don’t worry about us though, we have bean bags as a stop gap. So the lounge will have to look a bit bohemian for the first few weeks as the paint dries.

Once us and the sofas are in, we’ll then have to start making some decisions on the dining room table. We found some beautiful ones in the British Heart Foundation charity furniture store. The price is amazing for the quality and they look fantastic. So will definitely be heading back there once we know exactly how much space we have left.

We also had a nose around Next – where I found some other beautiful alternatives. Rather than the traditional wooden ones I had seen in BHF, these were a lot more modern.

This was one of my favourites that they had on display: Circa. It had the benefit of being a 4 seater, but because it’s clear it won’t appear to take up so much space in the room.

The Circa Dining Table from next £175
The Circa Dining Table from next £175

Obviously, once we have a table we are also going to need some chairs. Again, this is also going to affect whether we want to go modern or traditional.

For a bit of context, the theme of the room is being predominately decided on by my husband. So it is going to be a very contemporary adult themed Marvel Universe room. We have the most amazing upcycled white, modern coffee table.

So theoretically, we should be going for a slightly more modern table to match in with this theme. But that means we’ll then have to be looking a dining chairs such as these to match:

I found these modern chairs while sorting though my work inbox. limited edition 7™ series chairs, by Arne Jacobsen.
I found these modern chairs in an update from Daily Decorum while sorting though my work inbox. They look funky – but not particularly comfy for very long. Limited edition 7™ series chairs, by Arne Jacobsen.

What I really love is the ability to have a little bit more flexibility with the colour and shape of the chair with the more modern designs. But I really want some dining chairs that are actually comfortable. I plan on using it as a study table downstairs when I want to actually be sociable with my husband (which does happen occasionally). The perk of having comfy chairs means they can double up as extra guest chairs.

What I will do some more research into fabric covered cushioned chairs. Either that or some backed seats and DIY for marvel themed cushions  for them. So many decisions to make….

Any thoughts on modern/contemporary dining chairs that also have the perk of actually being comfortable for more than 5 minutes? All help or advice very much welcome 🙂 This is the first time I’ve had to buy a dining table and chairs. Total novice 🙂

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