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Photography and Blogging 101 – #Day9 Re-inspired Quilt & Sparkly things

Day Nine: Get Inspired By the Neighbors

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

I read some fantastic and very inspiring blogs yesterday (check them out in yesturday’s post here). Currently, I am mid way through sewing a patchwork quilt using a cross inspired patchwork idea. It’s been languishing for a while – put aside in favour of knitting and house hunting. But finding this blog from SEWKATIEDID helped make me feel inspired about my project again. Just have a look through her blog if you are struggling for patchwork inspiration.

For me, my inspiration came from something I originally found on Pinterest (where else?).

Follow Kirsty’s board Quilt inspiration on Pinterest.

This really got me thinking about a year ago that I really wanted to have a go at making a quilt. I’d never made one before and before now it had felt like to big of a huge project to climb. It is my first major sewing project.

If you want to give it a go as a first project, I would highly recommend it. But I cannot stress enough how important planning your pattern is before you start sewing. Because of how the crosses go together you cannot just guess. I had to unpick the whole thing (about a 1/5th of the way through) when I realised the crosses weren’t matching up. Planning also allows you to separate out any colours that would other wise clash.

Also, don’t plan on this project if you need something quickly. It takes a long time – but it is a labour of love.

This is how it’s currently looking (about 18 months after starting):

Cross Quilt WIP - 18 months in
Cross Quilt WIP – 18 months in

Each square is about 13cm x 13cm and I’ve been sewing it together by hand square by square. It has been taking a long time. But it’s worth it – as it’s a lot easier to unpick. Once I have finished the side, I will go over the seems with my mini sewing machine (one I learn out how to thread it….). This should just strengthen the joins and prevent them un-threading. I hope… One can but experiment 🙂

As this progresses I will, of course, update you on here.

Our of interest, have you ever had a go at any sort of patchwork?

Day Nine: Warmth & the Quality of Light

Today’s Tip: If you’d like to experiment more, consider the direction and quality of light. First, let’s talk about front light and side light.

There wasn’t really a task today – or at least I couldn’t find one. But the light direction is something I’ve been playing with for a project for work. I was tasked with photographing the most beautiful jewellery.

We had a product photography tent set up with a 100W lamp on each side of it. That wasn’t quite enough so we rigged up some small cool white LED spot lights to get some forward lights. It was the first time photographing products in a tent – so a huge learning curve.

This is one of the original images with one of the basic programs on the camera.

Taken With Flash.
Taken With Flash.

Deciding that this was still a bit dark – especially when photographing other coloured bracelets we added in frontal LED light which pointed back at the bracelets. In addition to this I also started experimenting with shutter speed and aperture – something totally new to me. But really fun to do.

Crystal Monkeys Bracelet [NEED TO ADD IN DETAILS]
Crystal Monkeys Bracelet. Using a shutter speed and aperture alteration (although I’m not sure what as I can’t work out how to find out the details on a mac)
These pictures were being used for the listing for EBAY, so I also had a chance to play with the editing software I use (GIMP). Some of the pictures were looking very dark on the computer. But the details were really crisp – so a bit of lightness and contrast worked wonder. My skills are pretty basic, but I’m picking new things up all the time. What do you think of the final edited version below?

The final edit of the BECHARMED bracelet
The final edit of the BECHARMED bracelet

If you want to see the rest of the edited pictures check out the ebay shop here. I’m really proud of the work I’ve done for this project this week. It has been a lot of fun and I have learnt a lot as well. Glad to have an opportunity to share it with you 🙂

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