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Photo and Blogging 101 – #Day8 Making Friends and Photography Inspiration

Day Eight: Be a Good Neighbor

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

This is pretty exciting. Off to go and explore some new blogging content. I will share here what awesome stuff I can find…..

Blog one – AnotherWiseMonkey

This is great timing for me to see this blog. I have just started training for a 10K. There are some really great tips in here.

Blog two – Sew Katie Did

I’m currently mid way through a patchwork quilt, so this quilting craft blog really caught my attention. Some of the most amazing designs I have seen. Definitely come away from it feeling really inspired.

Blog three – M&J Blog

On this blog I have found the cutest DIY tutorial for a wire silk headband. Definitely looking forward to giving that a go. Loving the feeling of inspiration this blog leave me with.

Blog four: House of Nicnax

I spotted this blog because of the super cute owl doll blanket make. Fantastic choice of fabric. It’s pretty new, but the content looks like it could be really interesting!

Day Eight: Natural World & Leading Lines

Today’s Tip: Exploring the outdoors, with camera in hand, is an opportunity to look for natural lines that lead our eyes to different parts of a frame. Envision the bend of a stream, or the curve of a petal: how can you use these lines in your composition? If you see strong vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines, can you play with the orientation to create a more dynamic composition? Can you apply — or break — the “Rule of Thirds“?

I wasn’t entirely sure how to tackle this task. Reading it just before bed last night did mean I had overnight to think about it. I spent the drive into work looking out for interesting groups of trees etc.

However, inspiration struck on the short walk into work this morning. I actually double back to get this shot. These flowers were looking so vibrant in the morning sun – and their straight, thick stems fitted the criteria perfectly.

I’ve taken the picture both in portrait and in landscape. Not sure which I like best to be honest. Would love to hear some feedback 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Photo and Blogging 101 – #Day8 Making Friends and Photography Inspiration

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out. I’m loving the way Blogging 101 is creating a stronger sense of community for us all. Photo 101 looks like a must do for me later in the year!

    1. Yes I agree 🙂 it’s a great push to go and explore other peoples writing 🙂 Photo 101 is fun. Forces you to think a bit more about image composistion 🙂

    1. Agreed. I was blogging for some months on Blogger. No where near the same amount of interaction. It’s way more fun if the interaction is 2-way.

      Thanks for the Reblog by the way 🙂

  2. Oh thank-you so much for the shout out, and for coming to visit me! Yes I am new, and just getting my head around the whole blogging thing – so your visit has made my day! Thanks again! I’m off to check out those other blogs now too!
    Nic xx

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