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Minamalist Case studies – could you do it?

With my attempt at minimalising my life during the month of May – This article really caught my attention.

It’s essentially a couple of case studies about people that have literally given up everything. That did get me thinking… could i actually just remove all the “stuff”. What would I leave? I definately think there would be some stuff at the moment thay would be just too difficult to throw away….

What do you guys think? Could you do it?



3 thoughts on “Minamalist Case studies – could you do it?

  1. The thought is a bit jarring but I think the key is to do it in stages – or at least that’s what’s been working for us. First, all the stuff we don’t use/or use often goes, then the extras (how we ended up with three sets of measuring cups I’ll never know – we use them all but it’s easier to store and find just one). That’s as far as we:ve made it and it feels really good.

    1. That sounds like you’ve made some serious progress 🙂 Have you tried playing the mins game? you start off getting rid of 1 item day 1, 2 on day 2 etc. You gradually build up momentum and I go rid of so much stuff. I wrote a blog throughout May on my progress – you can check it out here (https://kirstyholloway72.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/a-quest-for-minimalism-or-at-least-a-de-clutter-minsgame/) if you need some more inspiration on where to find stuff to get rid of 🙂

      1. Oh have we ever – it’s night and day! We don’t really do shopping and it’s a wonder how so much stuff ends up here!
        We haven’t tried the game but some friends of ours do that every year for Lent, and they LOVE it. We’re going room by room and then cycle back [that’s pretty easy in out tiny apartment] 🙂 I’ll go check out your blog (we slowed down after the kitchen) and maybe write one on minimizing myself – I mean I’ve kind of hinted at it but I’ve never outright explained I was doing this 🙂

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