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WIP – Adult knitted blanket

Knitted Blanket

Having finished the bunnies, I found myself with lots of spare wool – and some cool ideas for colour combinations.

Recently I’ve found this idea for knitting a blanket on a set of circular needles.

This idea was from:

If you want to try this blanket pattern and have no wool – check out their website. She recommends so wool she describes as washable 🙂 Personally, I’m attempting to keep costs down and buying all my wool from charity shops. Providing I’m sticking to the same colours as I’ve planned, I am varying the type of wool.

The original pattern is for a child size blanket. But this comment discussion got me thinking.

Having now had some experience with knitting on larger needles I invested in some 7mm circular needles with 120cm length. However, this is my first project of circular needles. It’s a different experience to knitting on normal needles.

You can buy them from amazon here. 

The chunky knit blanket lengthens a lot faster. Ideal if you are looking for a relatively shortish term project.

I’m creating an adult size blanket for the lounge. I cast on between 170-185 stitches (I didn’t count and just kept casting on until it looked long enough…..). I’m hoping when I finish it will be a couple of meters wide.

The pattern is inspired by British Army Camouflage – my husband is a huge airsoft fan. I’m worked out the bands of colour for each type and I’m just doing them all on repeat – until I get the length.

My husband and  are planning to move out in the next year, so the plan is to get it finished before we move. I know once the move happens my crafting talents will turn to decorating.

Picture Update 1

Picture Update 2

Picture Update 3


Knitting always makes me super relaxed and chilled out
Knitting always makes me super relaxed and chilled out

Where it is currently:

Spending my Sunday evening getting on with some knitting 🙂



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