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Photography & Blogging 101 – #Day 4 – A message and knitting

Sorry this is a bit late tonight guys. We are playing a bit of catch up today because I had some really exciting news yesterday that I can’t share yet….. Sorry…

But anyway, we’ll move onto the blogging challenge for today.

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Personally, the ideal audience for me is somebody like me. They’re feeling a bit lacking in focus and want to find it. I’m at a point in my life where my relationship is great, my career is just getting started – but I want a focused and productive personal life as well. I’m hoping that my attempt to learn new skills and gain new hobbies will inspire others to find new meaning in their lives.

Even if that doesn’t fully apply to you, you are more than welcome to jump aboard and press the follow button. 🙂 But hopefully than clears it up for you.

Last month, I thought I would tackle my piles and piles of clutter. It was everywhere (and still is, but to a lesser extent now). As a tool to shift this clutter I re-visited the #minsgame (check out my post here). Through this month I got rid of over 400 items (including 7 bin bags of clothes that came out of mine and my husbands wardrobes!). For me, this was a really focused way of moving stuff out of the house. Some work still needs to be done, but I am much closer to the tip of the mountain than I was.

This month I wanted to focus on my health. I was well aware that my resolutions to eat healthier and do exercise weren’t going so well.

So this month I took on the RNLI’s H20nly challenge (check out my journey here). It involved giving up anything non-water for 10 days. Initially, the difficult thing was the caffeine withdrawal. Not fun. But once I was regularly drinking 1.5L of water a day I felt so much better. I was sleeping a lot better – so felt much more awake – I also felt a lot calmer. Things that would usually stress me out just didn’t phase me. It was (and is) really nice. So now this challenge has lead me to making the decision to cut out caffeine from my diet. Long may in continue.

In addition to this H20nly challenge I have also made the decision to run a 10K race in April 2016. Plenty of time to train as I can barely jog, let alone run, 100m. I will be buying my entry to the race in July (once I have money again), but have already started training. The idea is that because I have an end goal, I will actually implement the habit and start getting the exercise I desperately need.

I am in need of an excercise playlist. I’ve found this playlist on Youtube. What are your thoughts? Is there anything missing that you think I should add? Or is there one I should remove?

The hope is that once I have a healthy diet and exercise regime I will be more focused. This will help me succeed at work and in my personal goals. I hope  that seeing that this stuff actually works (previously I thought it was nonsense) that you will be inspired to try it!

Look forward to reading your thoughts below.

Day Four: Bliss & Captions

So for today’s task we had to take a picture of something that illustrates a state of bliss for us.

Personally, this thing I always most enjoy is either crafting – usually knitting – or writing in my journal. In this case I decided to go with the knitting – I have a nice collection of wool to go with my current project!

I’m currently knitting a full sized adult double blanket on circular needles.

Knitting always makes me super relaxed and chilled out
Knitting always makes me super relaxed and chilled out

So that’s the challenges from #Day4 ! It would be great to know what you think and to get some feed back 🙂

4 thoughts on “Photography & Blogging 101 – #Day 4 – A message and knitting

  1. Good luck training for a 10K! I think that’s a great goal to set and only drinking water is definitely a great start to a healthier diet. I set a running goal for myself last summer and found that’s what helped me get out of bed or off the couch to train for it. You can do this :).

      1. It is nerve wracking, but then it becomes so exciting when you start to notice changes. Running a little further, a little faster, things like that. Once it becomes a habit, it’ll be harder to miss a run! I’m really excited for you :).

      2. Hi there! I started doing 5k runs last month, for 3 times a week and at first it drains me but after a month, it’s definitely easier! We can do 10k for sure 🙂

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