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Day 11 – #H20nly – The final countdown

I finish work at 5pm this afternoon. From there I have to walk to where my mother-in-law works for a lift home. On the way there I plan on stopping into the local Costa’s and treating myself to a yummy hot chocolate or iced something (depending on the weather).

My Hot Chocolate Treat
My Hot Chocolate Treat

So I did indeed end up stopped at 5:15pm for the most amazing hot chocolate – with whipped cream and mashmellows – from Costa. Even though I had the previous habit of buying a mocha latte (always with an extra shot), I didn’t feel the need to buy one. I’m actually pretty sure I’ve curbed my coffee habit and I feel a lot better for it. So thank you RNLI.

These last 10 days have been very strange for me. I’ve been through some serious caffeine withdrawal, started jogging and refused wine. All of these events would have made me laugh in your face if you had suggested these things to me even a month before now. I do feel like I’ve achieved something. Interestingly, I also didn’t turn to alcohol this evening. I have enjoyed a large mug of twinnings peppermint tea. Feeling very relaxed now.

Have you been doing the #H20nly challenge over the last 10 days? It would be great to hear from you!

I’m not just doing this for the health benefits.  I’m not allowed another cup until 5pm on Friday 12th June 2015 to try and raise money for the RNLI – you can donate on my justgiving page here.

Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June
Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June

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