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Day 4 – Starting to get used to this now #H20nly

This coffee withdrawal thing isn’t fun. Last night – even though I should have been doing a million other things – I had to go to bed really early. I was completely exhausted and obviously not allowed my usual pick-me-up. During the night I also remember feeling really thirsty – but that could have been because it was a really warm night.

So I am currently on the 3rd morning of the #H20nly challenge for the RNLI (check out my Just Giving page here). Once again I woke up craving the coffee (or any sort of hot drink in a mug to be honest). However, the headache has gone so that was definitely a huge plus. Brought a couple of 1.5L bottles of water for 50p from Tesco and the first one is 2/3 gone (it’s currently 1pm). So feeling pretty good right now.

I have also noticed that the bags under my eyes have started to fade (this is me with no make up – I never usually wear any anyway). Starting to also feel a little happier with the whole process – although the desire to add some lemon to my water is still there. I have definitely started to feel a little short of patience today. Not sure is that is the coffee or just me having an off day though….


Feeling sorry for me? I’m not allowed another cup for 6 days to try and raise money for the RNLI – you can donate on my justgiving page here.

Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June


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