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Day 3 – A Coffee Addict Going Cold Turkey – Why Drink it? #H20nly


So I am currently on day 2 of the #H20nly RNLI challenge. In a normal day, I usually consume 5 or 6 cups of coffee a day. So yesterday was not particularly pleasant.

That got me wondering – why do we drink the stuff? Coffee drinking in my family is a habit cultured from about the age of 13. It’s a social thing and we have a weekly coffee morning where a much of the family as possible gathers to partake in drinking my grandmothers strong coffee.

For all this social benefit, we also know that coffee does have a physical affect on the body. I’ve been experiencing what I am pretty sure are withdrawal symptoms for about the last 18 hours. So I thought I would do a quick bit of research as to what the internet had to say about the matter. I’ve included some of the interesting ones below.

Pros to drinking coffee: 

1. Coffee Reduces Your Risk of Diabetes (Care 2)

“In a 2005 review of nine studies, researchers found that for those that drank four to six cups of coffee per day, versus only two or fewer, their risk for Type 2 diabetes decreased by almost 30 percent. The number decreased by 35 percent when people drank more than six cups per day.”

2. Coffee Improves Memory and Cognition (Care 2)

“Our main finding is that the combination of the two substances improves cognitive performance in terms of sustained attention and working memory by increasing the efficiency of the areas of the brain responsible for these two functions. ”

I can see the logic in this. I’m pretty sure my coffee habit is what got me through university!

3. Reducing risk of stroke (Eating Well)

“Some studies show that moderate coffee drinkers (1 to 3 cups/day) have lower rates of stroke than non-coffee-drinkers; coffee’s antioxidants may help quell inflammation’s damaging effects on arteries.”

4. Reduced damage to the liver (Eating Well)

Though the research is limited at best, it appears that the more coffee people drink, the lower their incidence of cirrhosis and other liver diseases. One analysis of nine studies found that every 2-cup increase in daily coffee intake was associated with a 43 percent lower risk of liver cancer.

Negatives to drinking coffee:

1. Coffee Causes Wrinkles (Care 2)

“Even though coffee has antioxidants, if you drink too much of it, it can cause wrinkling of the skin. This is a result of dehydration which is the worst thing for your skin. So when you’re drinking that morning cup or two, make sure that you’re pairing it with water.”

2. Irritability and anxiety (Eating Well)

“If you’re sensitive to caffeine, it can cause irritability or anxiety in high doses (and what’s “high” varies from person to person). How? Chemically, caffeine looks a lot like adenosine, a “slow-down” brain chemical associated with sleep and relaxation of blood vessels.”

“Of course, if you caffeinate yourself daily, you’ll likely develop tolerance to its effects and the jitters will subside. But that also means that eventually you’ll need a regular caffeine fix just to reach your baseline level of alertness. And your body will adapt by producing more adenosine receptors, making you more sensitive to the effects of adenosine. So if you don’t have your daily cup, you’ll likely develop withdrawal symptoms like extreme fatigue and splitting headaches (caused by ­constricted blood vessels).”

That explains why I was in a foul mood yesterday and the headache this morning. 

3. Stained teeth (Ask Men)

4. Bad breath and aftertaste(Ask Men)

5. Raises stress level(Ask Men)

6. Increases risk of heart attack(Ask Men)

Feeling sorry for me? I’m not allowed another cup for 7 days to try and raise money for the RNLI – you can donate on my justgiving page here.

Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June
Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June

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