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Day 1: And So It Begins – #H20nly

So just arrived home on the first day of the #H20nly challenge. Desperate for a cup of coffee or tea or something….. Possibly only because I’m now denying myself that.

So here’s the bottle of water I’ve just treated myself to instead – we have a really bad problem with lime-scale in the water. Drinking it straight from the tap is not pleasant. So we end up having to buy bottles of water.

Bottled Water

What I could really fancy is some water over ice with some lemon and lime. But not entirely sure yet if we are allowed to flavour it? I have asked on twitter and am yet to get a response. So I will update you when I know.

Might go and grab myself another bottle of water and do some knitting while I await the start of Holby City. Wondering if I might go and get the ice cube….. but I also have slightly sensitive teeth.

Nearly 3 hours in and my ability to form sentences has gone. I don’t usually have coffee in the evening. So I think we will find tomorrow morning will start to be difficult. Will bring some headphones to work tomorrow to protect those around me. We shall see the strength of my addiction then…

Don’t forget, I’m doing this to raise money for the RNLI – so please sponsor my Just Giving page. It’s for a great cause and they save thousands of lives every year.

9 days to go…..

Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June
Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June

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