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642 Things to write about – What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now

The urge to write something with my fountain pen struck me this morning during my morning coffee. I found this inspiration in the 642 things to write about. This was originally written in my beautiful fountain pen into my diary.

My diary is not just a journal. I don’t just put in all my thoughts of the day. Any ideas that I think of for craft projects, home projects, digital marketing ideas or just bits of writing goes in here. It is my bible and I’m on my third this year. I’m currently using the 2nd half of a lovely journal that I originally started when I was 16. Reading back through old entries is an interesting insight into my mind 7 years ago – hoping to use some of these for a book in the future. That is, once I’ve finished editing the current one.

I wanted to share my writing from this morning with you. Have a look below and tell me what you think. All constructive criticism is more than welcome.

642 things to write about
642 things to write about

What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now. 

This quintessential piece of equipment had been laying, minutes before, on the table before her.

With it grasped firmly between her thumb and forefinger, she felt a sense of power. This was certainly a power that was absolute.

Her half finished manuscript lay tired on the old oak desk before her. Something had to be done. Perhaps with her weapon she could wage wars, kill men or burn cities to the ground.

The characters were currently too comfortable. They had their comfortable little lives with their families, food and beautiful possessions.

Her bright eyes met the blue, sparkling fountain pen in her hand. Yes. This was the weapon required for such a task.

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