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Review —> Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire – Book 1

Song of Ice and Fire – Book 1

Author: George R. R. Martin

Pages: 780

ISBN: 978-0-00-742854-0

My copy (obviously well loved by the previous owner) of Book 1 of the Song of Ice and Fire - Game of thrones
My copy (obviously well loved by the previous owner) of Book 1 of the Song of Ice and Fire – Game of thrones

Having watched the series 1-3 on DVD I was keen to read the books. My friends who had read it told me that the books were much better. So, unlike most times when I pick up a book, I already knew the plot line. This was an experience I had not had for a while. It did afford me the opportunity to get to grips with any hints and clues for the future plot – as I didn’t have to worry so much about what was going on now.

I initially picked up this book to read earlier this year. Possibly because of the size of it – I have a tendency to get bored – I read the first half of the book and then it was abandoned for a couple of months. It was then rescued from my bookshelf again on Friday and then promptly finished over the bank holiday weekend.

If you have watched the series – and loved it – then I do recommend picking up the books. The book gives a lot more time and singular focus to each character and their development within the plot. I have also been informed that with this new series the plot of the books and show start to differ.

In terms of writing style – this book brought back memories of attempting to read the Lord of the Rings in my early teens. Each chapter swaps between characters in different setting with different people surrounding them. Unless you have time to focus on what you are reading, you may struggle to follow the plot and progress. Because I already had a familiarity with the characters, I did have a better motivation to finish it. If you struggle with Lord of the Rings and not particularly keen on the TV series, then I don’t think you’ll get much enjoyment out of reading this.

The plot is constructed a bit like a play with heavy amounts of dramatic irony. It is a tale played out for the reader. The characters are blissfully unaware of their fates or the consequences of their choices. The reader is afforded a combination of explanation and hints about what is to come and why things have occurred. If the some of the characters knew what the readers knew then things would certainly play out in a different fashion.

My final thoughts upon completion:

If you to take advantage of the clues, etc, I would read this with a pen and paper beside you. I’m sure these hints will mount into something more significant over the rest of the series.

Unlike some of the novels I have read, this one has a significantly more complex plot line. This is telling multiple tales of multiple characters in sync with some cross over. It could be difficult to follow for some readers if you don’t get time to focus and read. But it is worth the effort if you’re looking for something more challenging.


While I was reading this novel I kept a pen and notebook beside more to make notes for the review. In addition, I also couldn’t resist the urge to make notes of plot hints surrounding a mystery that intrigues me – Jon Snows Parentage.

This issue initially came to my attention when I found the Youtube video below. The presenter puts all the theories together really well – along with the evidence from the books.

This goes through in detail the theory of Jon Snow’s true parentage. Which adds in some very interesting possibilities of what might happen next. The final books of the series are not written yet – so no one is entirely sure and can continue to enjoy the theories.

Reading Resolutions 2015

  • A book of more than 500 pages
  • A book by an author you have never read before
  • A book based on or turned into a TV Show
  • A book with non-human characters.

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