Eurovision – Congrats to Sweeden

Personally, I don’t really have a lot of time for Eurovision. Judging by the lack of build up in the media in the UK pre the event, I’m presuming this feeling is shared by most.

I was not going to bother watching it. However, as my preference for media became more musically inclined later in the evening I did switch over. I caught the last couple of songs at the end. Fairly soon after I promptly fell asleep with no idea who the winner was or how badly England had managed to do this year.

It turned out I made the right choice in not being desperate to see how England had performed. The score was not particularly impressive…

Eurovision Finals 2015 score
Eurovision Finals 2015 score

Here is the music video for the British Entry from Electro Velvet. I must admit that I do find the song slightly charming. The jazz tones are a sound I do like. Did not think there was anything daring with the content and I really did not understand the glow in the dark dancers which kept appearing. Nice try though.

Russia (since when were they part of Europe?) managed a pretty good performance by a blonde haired woman in a beautiful white dress. She was singing about peace and everyone in the world being the same. Perhaps not the most sensitive of song topics….

The only song I had not actually tuned into, but wanted to see, is the Swedish entrant. I was informed by my mother-in-law that it was an amazing performance. So I did go and take a look. She was right. The song and the performance is breathtaking. Worthy winners for 2015.

On an additional note – I wonder what the comparison is for votes in the last European election and for the Eurovision song content? #justathought

In an interesting twist, if you look at the votes based purely on the televoting – the points rack up like this:

  1. Italy Italy – 366
  2. Russia Russia – 286
  3. Sweden Sweden – 279
  4. Belgium Belgium – 195
  5. Estonia Estonia – 144
  6. Australia Australia – 132
  7. Israel Israel – 104
  8. Latvia Latvia – 100
  9. Albania Albania – 93
  10. Serbia Serbia – 86
  11. Armenia Armenia – 75
  12. Romania Romania – 69
  13. Georgia Georgia – 52
  14. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan – 48
  15. Poland Poland – 47
  16. Lithuania Lithuania – 44
  17. Norway Norway – 43
  18. Montenegro Montenegro – 34
  19. Slovenia Slovenia – 27
  20. Spain Spain – 27
  21. Greece Greece – 24
  22. Hungary Hungary – 21
  23. Cyprus Cyprus – 8
  24. United Kingdom United-Kingdom – 7
  25. Germany Germany – 5
  26. France France – 4
  27. Austria Austria – 0

So we do 2 points better (yay!). However, in a twist the Italian group tops the table. The Italian act is 3 young men who have the most amazing voices. You could literally listen to this song on repeat.

So who was your favourite of the night? Please let me know!


4 thoughts on “Eurovision – Congrats to Sweeden

  1. Reblogged this on hampshire Hog and commented:
    Russia is on the European landmass but has some extra land in Asia, but more to the point is a member of the European Broadcasting Union, and therefore enritled to reap the benefits of membership. Australia is an associate member, I believe…

    1. Your point about Russia makes sense now 🙂 Thanks for the info. The impression I got from the Andrew Marr show is that Australia had been invited because it was an anniversary year and they have a huge Eurovision following over there.

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