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642 Things to Write About – A Sentimental item

One thing I have always loved is writing. I’ve dabbled in fiction writing since my early teens. Predominately my choice of topic was Harry Potter Fanfiction. However, with the adult pressures of work and home I find that I have difficulty finding the time. Last year a friend of mine brought a copy of 642 Things to Write About.

642 things to write about
642 things to write about

If I am in the mood for a writing and find myself without a topic – this is my new go-to resource for inspiration.

In light of my minimalism game, I thought that I better prove that I am not a true minimalist. That would be too much of a flip for me too quickly. There are a number of items I have that I have sentimental links with.

The hint:

Pick a small object to be given one day to your great grandchild. Write a letter to that child explaining why you have chosen this object. 

To you I leave my charm bracelet. It isn’t the largest, or most expensive item that I leave behind. This bracelet was one of the first gifts that my husband gave me when we were first ‘going out’.

Since I began ownership of the bracelet, I have continued to add charms from significant trips and events. 3 years ago I wore it at our wedding, it also has a set of angel wings that I brought with some money my great grandmother sent to me before she died.

The problem is that I fear so much to lose it, it now never leaves the house. It’s safely pinned to my inspiration board and I bring the charms to the bracelet.

I give this to you as a reminder to live a life that makes you happy. It is not worth a lot to you financially, but I hope it acts as a reminder to live your life to the full.

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H2only Challenge Update

Received this surprise in the mail this week - a sponsorship back from RNLI
Received this surprise in the mail this week – a sponsorship back from RNLI

Like many things in my life – I found this challenge on my Facebook feed. I’m hunting for a way to improve my personal health and I’m keeping an eye out for any blog articles that will help me. My main aim for this is to see whether there would be an actual affect on me if I reduce my coffee intake.

I am a total coffee addict – so I’m still not entirely sure how I am going to cope hope without coffee for 10 days. But I did receive this very awesome welcome pack in the mail the other day from the RNLI. So that is making more more optimistic.

I’m pretty sure my favourite part is the tattoos – thanks RNLI! But will try to make use of the sponsorship form – it would be great to raise some money as well as try and get healthy.

This challenge also comes with its own app – which I have downloaded. There is a few challenges and a counter so show how much you’ve raised – you can help my total (currently 0) by clicking here.

H2only comes with its own app.
H2only comes with its own app.

The challenge officially starts at 5pm on the 2nd June and runs until 5pm on the 12th. I think it might be the hardest 10 days of my life (except for the 10 days before my dissertation hand in date – that was pretty stressful!)

Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June
Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June
Inspiration from others

Upside-down Immie

This very clever lady is knitting this top top-down to get as much length as she can from it. Apprently it’s more difficult to do it this way (This pattern is still out of my skill set) – but handy to know it can be done!

knit the hell out

I wanted to make Z a little shirt as soon as I saw some examples of it on Instagram. It’s called Immie Tee and it’s adorable. I had just the perfect purple: Pigeonroof Studios Super Sock in Orchid. immieThis color is amazing and it’s my first time working with this yarn. I’m loving it so far.

The top is supposed to be knit from the bottom up. Basically I’m using the lace, the numbers as a rough guide, and I’m working it from the top down instead. I want to make this as long as possible for Z and I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t run out of yarn. The lace is upside down, but it’s gorgeous both ways, so I don’t mind. This will likely be a little big in the chest, but bigger is better when it comes to speedily growing kiddos!

I might even have to…

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Review —> Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire – Book 1

Song of Ice and Fire – Book 1

Author: George R. R. Martin

Pages: 780

ISBN: 978-0-00-742854-0

My copy (obviously well loved by the previous owner) of Book 1 of the Song of Ice and Fire - Game of thrones
My copy (obviously well loved by the previous owner) of Book 1 of the Song of Ice and Fire – Game of thrones

Having watched the series 1-3 on DVD I was keen to read the books. My friends who had read it told me that the books were much better. So, unlike most times when I pick up a book, I already knew the plot line. This was an experience I had not had for a while. It did afford me the opportunity to get to grips with any hints and clues for the future plot – as I didn’t have to worry so much about what was going on now.

I initially picked up this book to read earlier this year. Possibly because of the size of it – I have a tendency to get bored – I read the first half of the book and then it was abandoned for a couple of months. It was then rescued from my bookshelf again on Friday and then promptly finished over the bank holiday weekend.

If you have watched the series – and loved it – then I do recommend picking up the books. The book gives a lot more time and singular focus to each character and their development within the plot. I have also been informed that with this new series the plot of the books and show start to differ.

In terms of writing style – this book brought back memories of attempting to read the Lord of the Rings in my early teens. Each chapter swaps between characters in different setting with different people surrounding them. Unless you have time to focus on what you are reading, you may struggle to follow the plot and progress. Because I already had a familiarity with the characters, I did have a better motivation to finish it. If you struggle with Lord of the Rings and not particularly keen on the TV series, then I don’t think you’ll get much enjoyment out of reading this.

The plot is constructed a bit like a play with heavy amounts of dramatic irony. It is a tale played out for the reader. The characters are blissfully unaware of their fates or the consequences of their choices. The reader is afforded a combination of explanation and hints about what is to come and why things have occurred. If the some of the characters knew what the readers knew then things would certainly play out in a different fashion.

My final thoughts upon completion:

If you to take advantage of the clues, etc, I would read this with a pen and paper beside you. I’m sure these hints will mount into something more significant over the rest of the series.

Unlike some of the novels I have read, this one has a significantly more complex plot line. This is telling multiple tales of multiple characters in sync with some cross over. It could be difficult to follow for some readers if you don’t get time to focus and read. But it is worth the effort if you’re looking for something more challenging.


While I was reading this novel I kept a pen and notebook beside more to make notes for the review. In addition, I also couldn’t resist the urge to make notes of plot hints surrounding a mystery that intrigues me – Jon Snows Parentage.

This issue initially came to my attention when I found the Youtube video below. The presenter puts all the theories together really well – along with the evidence from the books.

This goes through in detail the theory of Jon Snow’s true parentage. Which adds in some very interesting possibilities of what might happen next. The final books of the series are not written yet – so no one is entirely sure and can continue to enjoy the theories.

Reading Resolutions 2015

  • A book of more than 500 pages
  • A book by an author you have never read before
  • A book based on or turned into a TV Show
  • A book with non-human characters.
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H2Only – Raising money for the RNLY #Challenge

Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June
Giving up everything non water for 10 days in June


As one of my resolutions is to actually get healthier – I am constantly on the look out for any ideas that might help in this endeveur. So this article by the Daily Mail about 3 women who had given up anything non-water for 10 days caught my attention. Reading through the article, I then also realised that this was a challenge for charity – the RNLI (headquarters located about 5 minutes from my house). The idea is to give up coffee, tea, cola, lemonade, alcohol etc for 10 days and encourage your family and friends to donate.

I am totally addicted to caffinated drinks – I even have a Pinterest Board donated to coffee.

Follow Kirsty’s board Coffee on Pinterest.

So this is going to be difficult. But hopefully it will be worth it.

It starts on the 2nd June at 5pm and lasts for 10 days.

Wish me luck! Also donate via my Just Giving page. 

Every single Page raised will go to the RNLI.

Image from @ilovecoffeejp - Follow on Twitter
Image from @ilovecoffeejp – Follow on Twitter

Eurovision – Congrats to Sweeden

Personally, I don’t really have a lot of time for Eurovision. Judging by the lack of build up in the media in the UK pre the event, I’m presuming this feeling is shared by most.

I was not going to bother watching it. However, as my preference for media became more musically inclined later in the evening I did switch over. I caught the last couple of songs at the end. Fairly soon after I promptly fell asleep with no idea who the winner was or how badly England had managed to do this year.

It turned out I made the right choice in not being desperate to see how England had performed. The score was not particularly impressive…

Eurovision Finals 2015 score
Eurovision Finals 2015 score

Here is the music video for the British Entry from Electro Velvet. I must admit that I do find the song slightly charming. The jazz tones are a sound I do like. Did not think there was anything daring with the content and I really did not understand the glow in the dark dancers which kept appearing. Nice try though.

Russia (since when were they part of Europe?) managed a pretty good performance by a blonde haired woman in a beautiful white dress. She was singing about peace and everyone in the world being the same. Perhaps not the most sensitive of song topics….

The only song I had not actually tuned into, but wanted to see, is the Swedish entrant. I was informed by my mother-in-law that it was an amazing performance. So I did go and take a look. She was right. The song and the performance is breathtaking. Worthy winners for 2015.

On an additional note – I wonder what the comparison is for votes in the last European election and for the Eurovision song content? #justathought

In an interesting twist, if you look at the votes based purely on the televoting – the points rack up like this:

  1. Italy Italy – 366
  2. Russia Russia – 286
  3. Sweden Sweden – 279
  4. Belgium Belgium – 195
  5. Estonia Estonia – 144
  6. Australia Australia – 132
  7. Israel Israel – 104
  8. Latvia Latvia – 100
  9. Albania Albania – 93
  10. Serbia Serbia – 86
  11. Armenia Armenia – 75
  12. Romania Romania – 69
  13. Georgia Georgia – 52
  14. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan – 48
  15. Poland Poland – 47
  16. Lithuania Lithuania – 44
  17. Norway Norway – 43
  18. Montenegro Montenegro – 34
  19. Slovenia Slovenia – 27
  20. Spain Spain – 27
  21. Greece Greece – 24
  22. Hungary Hungary – 21
  23. Cyprus Cyprus – 8
  24. United Kingdom United-Kingdom – 7
  25. Germany Germany – 5
  26. France France – 4
  27. Austria Austria – 0

So we do 2 points better (yay!). However, in a twist the Italian group tops the table. The Italian act is 3 young men who have the most amazing voices. You could literally listen to this song on repeat.

So who was your favourite of the night? Please let me know!


Feel #Inspired – Pinterest & Parody

Earlier this month I met a fellow crafter at the #C4PopUp event at Bournemouth University. We’d previously been chatting on the network site they set up pre the event. But it was really exciting that we had so many common interests.

The point is the rabble is she put me onto the most amazing Pinterest Parody Video. It’s a Taylor Swift parody. If you are like me, and are completely obsessed with Pinterest, then check out this video from Whats Up Moms on YouTube

I find this video a scarily apt description of my Pinterest habits. It becomes a complete location to binge on craft ideas if you are in the mood. I’ve also been collecting nearly every coffee type image I can find onto a board. Not entirely sure yet what I’m actually going to do with this collection…. I’ll keep you updated with that one…

Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest page here –>

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